UPS Captain 757/767 250k go figure

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    This P.O.S. should rot in prison if he is convicted, he is a captain of our 757/767 brown tail. Our pilots make the most in the industry he make 250k a year, believe me our pilots are such pre-madonna's it's a joke, granted they fly at crazy times but our jets are number one, except Airbus they blow for the most part you would think this would'nt happen but it does....

    Wealthy pilot charged with raping children

    02:22 PM PDT on Saturday, November 3, 2007

    Wealthy pilot charged with raping children

    LAKE TAPPS, Wash. – On Thursday, police and FBI agents arrested a Western Washington man in Atlanta while there for job-related training.
    Weldon Marc Gilbert is accused of raping and torturing at least 20 young boys at his upscale home on Lake Tapps.
    They believe the 47-year-old pilot sexually assaulted the boys over a six-year period and he videotaped much of the alleged abuse.
    Gilbert flies with United Parcel Service and, police say, he used his aviation skills to lure his victims by giving them helicopter rides.
    He was arrested on a Pierce County warrant that charges him with nine sex crimes, including child rape, child molestation and sexual exploitation of a minor.
    According to charging documents, the victims had welts, bruises and cuts from the spankings. Police say he took the boys to his house, get them drunk, tie them down, beat them and perform sexual acts on them.
    Detectives searched his home and found more than 100 videotapes, plus DVDs, CDs, floppy discs, assorted sex toys, paddles, blindfolds, ropes, bondage items, camera gear, a computer and two handguns.
    Pierce County Sheriff's Office spokesman Ed Troyer says many of the videotapes contain "very disturbing graphic images."
    Investigators say the abused boys range in age from 12 to 17.
    The investigation began Tuesday after two men suspected that their younger brother was being molested by Gilbert.
    Gilbert is currently in an Atlanta jail awaiting extradition to Pierce County.
    Troyer says more charges are likely.
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    Local pilot charged with raping children
    STACEY MULICK and ADAM LYNN; The News Tribune
    Published: November 2nd, 2007 05:59 PM

    Authorities believe a Lake Tapps aviator sexually assaulted at least 20 boys in his home over a six-year period and videotaped much of the alleged abuse.
    On Thursday, police and FBI agents in Atlanta arrested Weldon Marc Gilbert on a Pierce County warrant charging him with nine sex crimes.
    The charges against the 47-year-old United Parcel Service pilot include child rape, child molestation and sexual exploitation of a minor.
    Prosecutors contend in charging documents that Gilbert sexually abused two brothers between March of 2001 and October of this year.
    Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said more charges are likely. Detectives are reviewing more than 100 videotapes and DVDs found in Gilbert’s home, many of which contain “very disturbing graphic images,” Troyer said Friday.
    “We just started looking through the tapes, and we’ve already seen 20 different victims,” the spokesman said. “Kids are crying out for help and in pain in some of the videos.”
    Investigators believe Gilbert may have used a helicopter to give rides to some of the boys, who range in age from 12 to 17, Troyer said.
    He’d then take them to his house, get them drunk, tie them down, beat them and perform sexual acts on them, all with a video recorder rolling, Troyer said.
    Investigators started investigating Gilbert on Tuesday when two men reported that they suspected their younger brothers were being molested by Gilbert.
    One of the alleged victims, who is now 18, told detectives the molestation began 2001, shortly after his father died, according to an affidavit of probable cause filed in the case.
    The teenager said Gilbert would beat him with an assortment of paddles and engage him in various sex acts, deputy prosecutor Mary Robnett wrote in the affidavit.
    The alleged victim said Gilbert sometimes would give him money. He said he later discovered that Gilbert was videotaping the abuse, according to court documents.
    The teenager provided detectives with a videotape this week that also shows Gilbert abusing the alleged victim’s brother, who turns 13 on Sunday, the affidavit states.
    Detectives served a search warrant Wednesday at Gilbert’s home in the 2900 block of 211th Avenue East on Tapps Island.
    They seized videotapes, DVDs, CDs, floppy discs, assorted sex toys, numerous paddles, blindfolds, ropes, bondage implements, camera gear, a computer and two handguns, according to court documents.
    Authorities tracked Gilbert to Atlanta after learning that he had job-related training there. He was in jail there awaiting extradition to Pierce County for arraignment, Troyer said.
    Seattle attorney John Henry Browne said Friday he’s been hired to represent Gilbert. Browne said he’s talked briefly to Gilbert by telephone and advised him to waive extradition.
    “I advised him that the best thing for him to do is get back here and take care of this,” the attorney said.
    Browne said he couldn’t offer much comment on the charges because he hadn’t had time to research them thoroughly.
    Troyer asked any other alleged victims to come forward.
    “Our detectives want to know who they are,” Troyer said. “They don’t have to worry about people not believing them.”
    Stacey Mulick: 253-597-8268
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    I don't find it surprising. People from all walks of life commit acts as such.
  4. Hopefully in prison he'll learn to see things from his victims' point of view if you know what I mean.
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    Even the harshest of murderers will not put up with someone like this. They will "fix" him in the big house.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    What he flew and what he made a year has nothing to do with the severity of the crime he is accused of. What goes on behind closed doors is anybodys guess. All I can say at this point is thank God he was caught!