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    Doe's anyone know anything about becoming a pilot ? what you can do or what step's to take ? besides flight school.
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    Yeah, take a leave of absense and join the Military....You won't have to shell out any money either, Uncle Sam will pay the tab.
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    Just like feeder school. Wait for school list to be put up in package car center. Sign list. Wait to get called. Go to 40 hour airplane drivers school. Pass. Cover vacations til you get seniority. Get seniority. Bid on route. Fly.
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    I have 50 hrs. towards my private pilot's, and I don't know of any other way to get it than through a school. But I was just wondering if there were any opportunities for education or advancement through the company in this way. I am a new hire and would like to take advantage of ever opportunity I can in the company.
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    To be a UPS pilot you typically run the same process as you would to get hired by any other airline or freighter, you wait until you meet the minimum hour requirements (which are 1500 TT) and hold a PPL, IR, Comm., and eventually ATP (to move to captain). Since we are talking about a highly skill-based job, whether or not you get the job is not contingent on your seniority status perse. UPS is known for liking to hire from within so if you have worked at UPS for some time they will definitely take that into account, but if you don't have the ratings or the hour minimums then do not apply yet.

    The reality of the matter is that you'll probably need to find another lower level flying job before you could move into flying for UPS because of the 1500 hour minimum. Stuff like parachute piloting, scenic piloting, banner towing, charter flying, flight instruction (if you are a CFI), or even lower level airlines, there are some airlines hiring are really freakishly low hours. American Eagle is hiring right out of training, same goes for ComAir, you'll probably get a lot of time in something like a 1900.
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    I was interested in becoming an commericial airline pilot back in 1970 when all the Vietnam pilots were coming back. I got discouraged and stopped pursuing it.
    I know a 30 year old young man who has paid $50K to get his commercial rating and the 1500 hours that are required. All the training and flight time and rentals are included. The school is located out of Long Beach airport in California. His be a UPS pilot! (I think he will do it!) He is going to go to India to gain experience and hours. India has a million doctors and no pilots!!!!
    I finished my career at the west coast regional air hub and ramp. Our UPS pilots are seasoned veterans that have worked at other airlines. UPS is known as the premier airline to work for as a pilot. So you will have your work cut out for you but you can do it if you have the fortitude to stick it out. Good Luck!
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    "Just like feeder school. Wait for school list to be put up in package car center. Sign list. Wait to get called. Go to 40 hour airplane drivers school. Pass. Cover vacations til you get seniority. Get seniority. Bid on route. Fly."

    Race, that was awesome! I can only add:

    3 accidents in a year and you're gone!
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    :wink::lol::closedeye:confused:1 or one:)
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    Now thats funny right there......... don't care who ya are! :wink:
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    If you suck at driving,suck at preload,and cant drive a forklift,you might still be a good pile-it.
    sorry Fang I couldn't help myself...I had a friend that flew out of Thompson Manitoba ,he took me up looking for fires(there was lots of them) and he had to report thier coordinates.We picked up a prisoner,and his escort in Churchill and brought him back ,I know a cessna is a far cry from a 797 but it sure is fun zoomin around up there.
    We also landed on the Athabaska river in Alberta once albeit illegally,but thats another story.
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    I know one UPS's senior pilots. He worked for Orion before UPS bought them out to start UPS airlines. One thing UPS Airlines likes to see is some one with at least a four year college degree. Another pilot said that prospective pilots are put into a hiring pool, and a certain amount of them are "drawn" when needed.
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    I failed the UPS Pilot's Test. I just couldn't get that damn piece of paper folded right.
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    Unrelated. But funny..

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