UPS Pilots...interesting facts on our company

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    Just thought I'd share, our pilots ROCK!!! I have a friend who is a FO based in SDF.

    • Launching new city, Nagoya, Japan, in May using 747-400
    • Launching co-branded stores with Staples in China, "Staples UPS Express"
    • MD11 simulator back in service in SDF
    • 747-400 cities in 2008 will include Hong Kong, Seoul, Honolulu, Sydney, and Shanghai
    • Purchased three 747-400Fs from Cargolux
    • Two coming online in 2009, one in 2010
    • 27 767-300ER deliveries 2009-2012
    • 747-100/-200s to be retired by end of 2008
    • Shanghai, China hub opening in Fall 2008
    • MD11 new-hires based at and who relocate to ANC receive $1,625/mo override while on probation if agree to 3 year commitment
    • 747-400 new-hires do not receive above package, negotiations underway to change this
    • Company pays move to ANC only
    • 2008 aircraft deliveries: 7 747-400s, 5 MD11s
    • Discounted Employee Stock Purchase Program (DESPP) offers 10% discount
    • Weekly IPA news podcast at, at bottom of page
    • Two digit airline code: 5X
    • This page last updated: Dec 8, 2007
    Independent Pilots Association
    (amend. Dec 2011)​


    Pilot application window closed. Hiring plans undetermined for 2008.

    1500 TT
    1000 PIC jet and/or ME turboprop
    ATP or ATPw (current)
    FE or FEw (current)
    Bachelor's degree "preferred"

    Year 2 FO pay in:
    2008: $112/hr
    2009: $122/hr
    2010: $132/hr
    2011: $143/hr
    2012: $149/hr

    Call 800-228-2739 (options 4:1) to reserve a jumpseat up to 10 days prior to travel. UPS jumpseat finder. 4 or 5 jumpseats on all aircraft. CASS participant.
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    $149 an hour?
  3. rod

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    what do you have to do to qualify for a jump seat?

    FAVREFAN Member

    If anybody deserves that hourly pay, it is you guys. I have nothing but the utmost respect for airliner pilots. You guys definitely have a unique skill. Keep up the great safety and good work!
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    Being a UPS employee isn't enough. You have to be in the UPS airlines (pass background checks, security clearances, etc) to get jumpseat priveledges.
  6. Fnix

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    what is a jumpseat
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    It takes a bit more skill to land a 747 than to park a P1000.
  8. freeloader

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    Jumpseats are a few seats behind the cockpit on freight airliners. They are used to allow a few passengers to ride in the plane along with the crew. Security is very tight which is why it is only for UPS airlines employees who have the appropriate security clearances, but I think there is professional courtesy to other airline employees as well. My dad was an airplane mechanic for FedEx for a few years and he enjoyed the jumpseat privileges.
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    im switching careers....
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    All it is is a controlled crash. How hard can that be?????????
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    Jumpseat reminds me of the movie Castaway.
  12. rod

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    I remember Castaway. That was that 2 hour Fedex commercial wasn't it?

  13. Actually landing on an aircraft carrier is a controlled crash, its a little smoother landing a jumbo jet
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    I know Pilots personally who fly 727's and they make only $100,000 a year. Thats after 15 years
  15. DS

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    Only $100,000? but they get to wear these cool patches on thier jacket!
  16. Fnix

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    You can buy those on eBay for $5
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    Our pilots doesn't matter if it is a NB or a WB (narrow or wide) they make the same amount, after probation ends and their progression ends. The BIG if is where their domcile is since UPS opened up ANC alot of guys and gals have moved up there, and the word is thats where our 747-400's are going to be based. My friend is out of SDF (Louisville)
    there is ANC, MIA, SDF and ONT are the domiciles. There are gateways all over the world though, my friend has been trying to bid and live in MIA to get the South American routes, he might get a shot once he gets a bump to captain and 10 more years, lol
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    maybe someone could explain the airport location code?
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    ANC = Anchorage
    MIA = Miami
    SDF = Louisville
    ONT = Ontario, California
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    A friend of mine works for Delta running the Flight Simulators at the Atlanta Airport. Once a year, I get to go play in these things. These things are so realistic, the pilots actually gain flying hours training in them. You sit in an actual cockpit, and you feel everything they do operating an airplane. You feel every bump in the runway as you taxi down the runway. It throws you back in the seat as you throttle up and take off. They are easy to take off, but very difficult to land. I usually crash about 75% of the time. I will do the flying public a favor and stick to my P700.:wink: