UPS Pilots...interesting facts on our company

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    I personally have flown, a beechcraft sundowner, also a few cessna 172's. Not to compare with our jets, but taking off a 5 year old could do it, landing your right, although most of the time it's done by computer, it is tough, I flew a p-71 mustang one year with my instructor in the seat behind me and I couldn't control the stick to land way too touchy, a yolk is the way to go, although the ceiling was 25k feet which awesome has hell.
    Our boeings are the easiest to land according to my friend, that takes alot of balls to land blind in some cases, just trusting your instruments....Airbus on the other hand, you breath on it wrong it goes on mechanical, lol...they earn their pay IMO
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    I've flown Cessna 150's and the two prop other ones forget the name when I was 12. I was so into planes then.
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    One of the most senior pilots, in the top 10, for ups lives on my former package route (thank goodness for feeder dept.) One of the few pilots who will acknowledge we work for the same company. He started at Orion, an airline that ups eventually bought out when UPS Airlines was formed. He has it made, as he can choose which routes to fly. When it's cold here, he flies to the warm destinations.
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    Flying for UPS is my long term goal.

    I have been with UPS for 6.5 years part time. Keeping my foot in the door.

    I have been with the Air National Guard for almost 6 years as a aircraft mechanic.

    I am working towards my bachelors degree in Aviation-Aircraft Systems from Ohio State. When I graduate I hope to get a flight slot within the ANG. Hopefully with tankers as I can build my hours quicker.

    I have my private pilots license SEL (Single engine land) and am currently working on my instrument rating. After I finish my instrument rating I will finish up my commercial and get my multi. I have a little less than a year of flying to accomplish this at 5 days a week.

    I guess what I am saying is that those pilots earn their money and every penny of it.
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    Good luck, don't burn any bridges, keep in contact with the higher ups at UPS, if all else fails are aircraft mechanics are one of the highest in the industry, they are also teamsters and after progression top out at almost 50.00 per hour, they also have jumpseat privliages....lots of slots open in RFD and of coarse SDF....are mechanics are top notch.....had experiance with some at ORD

  6. I've landed a 747 a few times........................on Microsoft Flight Simulator
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    My brother is a 25 year diesel mechanic. Had a few specific questions that I couldn't answer. Maybe one of you guys could. First, what is the pay scale for the UPS Airline mechanics? Second, how does the pay compare for UPS pilots to say United or American or Fedex, etc....And third, how many hours can a UPS pilot work per week? Thanks alot guys, thanks for any help you provide./
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    All this and we still have late air.:happy-very:

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    Anybody know this stuff? Is it true that pilots can't work 40 hrs per week?
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    Every airport has a 3 letter designation for example San Francisco is SFO and Phoenix is PHX, Los Angeles is LAX, etc.,etc.

    As a passenger on a flight I would recommend you check the baggage tag that the porter or agent puts on your luggage. Make sure the final destination has the designation of the airport you are flying to. The main reason for lost luggage besides cancelled, late, or changed flights is having the wrong info on the baggage tag.

    If you are not sure of the designation - check your ticket or ask the agent or porter for the 3 letter designation for your destination.
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    I've been to a number of museums and even AirVenture on several occasions, don't recall ever seeing a p-71. What's a P-71 Mustang?
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    Maybe he means a P-71 Crown Victoria. :happy2:
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    My bad....p-51D Mustang...

    Warbird adventures.......