UPS pilots ratify two-year contract extension

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    UPS pilots ratify two-year contract extension - Freight Waves

    “This contract extension provides stability for both UPS and our pilots as we jointly face unprecedented times in our industry,” said IPA Union President and Capt. Robert Travis.

    The unionized pilots of express carrier UPS on Tuesday overwhelmingly ratified a two-year extension of their existing labor contract.

    According to the Independent Pilots Association (IPA), the contract was ratified with 98.86% of the vote and 95.2% of the eligible members casting their ballots. The union represents more than 2,900 pilots who fly for UPS.

    The new agreement extends the current labor contract for the UPS pilots, starting Sept. 1, 2021.
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    I know it's only 2,900 employees, still impressive 95% of them voted.
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    What's less impressive is that 5% couldn't be bothered to vote.
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    Maybe, I'm guessing most knew it was going to pass and didn't bother.