UPS pilots union votes in favor of a strike

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    UPS pilots union votes in favor of a strike - Marketwatch

    UPS says any talk of holiday disruption is negotiations posturing

    The union representing United Parcel Service Inc. pilots voted overwhelmingly to strike as contract negotiations enter their fifth year, a very public signal of employee dissatisfaction at the delivery giant as its all-important holiday peak fast approaches.

    On Friday, the union said that more than 99% of its 2,500 pilots voted yes, authorizing the Independent Pilots Association’s executive board to request a release from federally mediated negotiations with UPS. If the union chooses to ask for release and it is granted by the mediators, the pilots would be able to strike.
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    Thank you for the article Cheryl....

    I'm happy to read that the Pilot's Union and its' members had the courage to stand up against Big Brown UPS. It's now time for Teamster UPS'ers to support the Pilots in their efforts to achieve a fair contract. Negotiating for conditions that reduce pilot fatigue seems fair to me. After all.......UPS advocates safety almost every day during PCMs...
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    If our pilots go on strike that would make ups loose alotttt of money, I heard that our air packages make most of the money. I bet 99 percent of people at our austin preload hub would agree to a strike if we had a chance. These people need to forget about the numbers and start thinking about the people. Also im sure that less than 20 percent of people know that the union doesn't recognize production numbers. It's one thing to work hard, it's another to work so hard your killing yourself.