UPS President Eskew challenged to debate on 60 minutes

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by saintteamo, Sep 6, 2002.

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    I challenge Eskew to a debate on 60 minutes. I am sure ups can arrange this with thier influence from network advertizing dollars. The topic will be wether ups has become a better or worse employer for part timers since 1982. Also wether ups is better or worse for society since 1982. Eskew will represent Ups . I will represent my grass roots group called Citizens For a Responsible UPS.If not chicken or afraid to debate this former upser ,then respond to KIm E. Cotter (Deleted by webmaster for soliciting)
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    oh my good God ... YOU challenge Mike Eskew??? My first question would be: What on earth would make you believe the CEO would take a such an idiotic challenge from you??
    My next question would be; do you speak with the intelligence you so obviously lack in your postings?
    You know, the UPS netscape message board has a poster named Scott (SoberUPS). Scott's signature says: "Never argue with an idiot....they drag you down to their level then beat you with experience." I'm thinking we should all take Scott's very sound advice.
  3. saintteamo

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    Yes I clearly challenge him to a debate. He should feel confident from my poor spelling and grammer etc that he has an easy win. But I bet you that he will not respond or accept. This is because he knows he represents a negative ,dishonesy explotive corporation. also that even a head injury victim like myself can defeat him on common sense and the facts. He knows that he is a party to great wrong doing. But he denies that GOD will hold him accountable for his deeds.If he feels he is right ,then he will accept my challenge to get easy free advertizing for his point of view. But like I say I predict he is a non believer that will run and hide in coerdice from facing the public with the truth.
  4. saintteamo

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    You imply that I am an idiot. If so ,why should Eskew fear me? Is a formErly high ranked California mentally gifted minors program member that was Student Body President of his high school, highest sat scorrer in Alameda county , college newspaper editor,six years of nearly 4.0 gpa in college etc, an idiot that should be dismissed as such? I have suffered serious head injuries in an auto accident at the hands of a drunk driver ,but i still though a little rusty have capability. Rather than protect the company line ,why dont you serve jesus christ aND GOD BY ACCEPTING THE NEGATIVE TRUTH ABOUT UPS?
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    I always knew you were just another opportunist looking to elevate your own stature in life on the backs of others. This certainly proves it.
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    Tieguy aka upssup, As usual you attack the person,spelling ,grammer etc ,rather than face the issues. Afraid?
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    The reason Mr. Eskew would not respond to you is not for the reasons you attempted to give. He would not respond to you because you come across as a delusional wackhead.

  8. saintteamo

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    drooler, Could it be that your brown bloodedness or cult brainwashing makes it hard for you to understand my clear rational messages about ups? Is this mental bl0ock making you confuse dissenting opinion with being delusional or a whaco?100% of the union officials and hourly that I speak to understand and agree with me. SO again ,whats your problem ,that seems prevalent in mgmt posters on this forum?
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    saintteamo: sorry about your head injury.

    Here are some points for you to consider BEFORE furthering your attack on UPS:

    You don't work there.

    Your opinion is obviously that UPS is a Nazi-like environment headed up by people no better than Hitler. How could you know that when you don't work there? If your answer to me is look at some of the other posts, I have. In a 370,000 employee company, you can find people that constantly complain about the company. The posts you refer to certainly are not the majority opinion.

    Mike Eskew would not debate you because there is not a need to discuss your issues. It's a part-time job with some of the best benefits in ANY industry. Getting those benefits requires hard work by the matter what you think.

    Your talk of pre-82 hires is silly. What happened 20 years ago is the company made a business decision, which proved to be the right decision, that has made ALL UPS employees who stick out those tough PT years to become FT employees financially stable - in a economy that finds many people seeking work.

    60 Minutes would look at your issues, and tell you the same thing......they are silly.

    I'm sure that you will continue with your grass roots campaign.

    Why don't you go pick on Enron, or WorldCom, or Authur Anderson, etc, etc, etc.......
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    Check your poll results again my friend. I'm fulltime hourly Teamster for 21 years and I don't agree with you. OOOPPPPPSSSSS! There goes that 100%! I personally think you're an ..........! Out of respect for Cheryl and this board I won't say what I'm thinking.

    Kim, the worse part of all is UPS has won in your case and you're to blind to see it. I'll be damn if I'd let UPS rule my life like it does your's and the ironic part is I work there and you don't.
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    "Tieguy aka upssup, As usual you attack the person,spelling ,grammer etc ,rather than face the issues. Afraid?"

    No , you in fact are afraid you will get caught embezzling funds from the part-timer. Prove me wrong Kim , post the numbers and call in an independent accountant to verify you have not spent the proceeds for personal gain.
  12. tieguy

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    Kim wheres the poor part timers money you stole from them?
  13. thedrooler

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    Well there ya go. Ya got me. My blood is brown and my brain is washed. But I'm still waiting to read something clear and rational from you. If you feel something like this about to burst forth from your skull, please warn us so the shock won't kill us.

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    Ummm.. I really don't have much to say right now..except that as long as Teamo is a believer in Jesus Christ, he will have no worries.

    As for Tieguy and Drooler.. Your both just idiots

    Well I feel better now..time to go to Lowe's
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    So true, How sad that our status as idiots still qualifies us as geniuses in comparison to your intellect.
  16. thedrooler

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    Are you sure? I mean REALLY sure.

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    "why don't you serve Jesus Christ and God by accepting the negative truth about ups?"<font color="ff0000"> Well I've said before, you have just as much right to your opinion on this board as any of us do. But If we all spent HALF as much time "serving" Christ as we spend on this computer, even the world as you know it would be a much better place don't ya think? And, as a Christian, It's good to know that there is someone out there praying for the needs of the people at ups, but even more than that, praying for the eternal destination of those who regularly corrispond with you here on this board. I'm hoping NOT to be judgemental here, as I too am totally guilty of not doing this! In closing, I have to ask you saint, just out of curiosity, If God asked you, " why should I let you into heaven?" What would you say?</font>
  18. thedrooler

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    How about "Because no one else will have me."

  19. sendagain

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    Actually Drooler, the devil will have you in a heartbeat and lick his lips over it. In fact, he already has you and you don't even know it. Let's remember that Jesus said, "If anyone compels you to go a mile, go with him two." We are also told to serve, for we also have a master, even the Lord, who is our example. All this talk of debating Eskew is ludicrous. It would be your worst nightmare, and you would appear foolish.
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    OK Folks,
    I can't keep silent on this one. When a "GOOD CHRISTIAN" deems it necessary to try to get others to ACCEPT the negative truths about UPS, or any other hard working bunch of people, I tend to take offense. UPS is a huge company filled with every sort of good and bad,just like the rest of the world. Mostly I have seen good, but as a person who is getting a little long in the tooth I realize that some people just focus on the bad. Sad part about that is that they seem to make themselves more miserable than they do the people they intend to punish or convert.
    I will try to be kinder in the future towards the negative attitudes that really chap my rear.
    Good Night