UPS profit up, keeps outlook despite economy

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    UPS profit up, keeps outlook despite economy - Reuters

    United Parcel Service Inc., the world's largest package delivery company, reported higher second-quarter profit and reaffirmed its 2011 outlook despite a sputtering economic rebound.

    International shipment volume escalated while domestic deliveries stayed flat because of the tepid U.S. economy.

    "We remain confident in our ability to execute and surpass prior peak EPS this year," Kurt Kuehn, chief financial officer, said in a statement.
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    The last paragraph stating reasons for a better than expected quarter made me feel good about being a driver, albeit, no word was mentioned about the hard work by UPS employees as another reason for the profitable quarter. Thank you.
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    It's still good news, we still made a a profit.
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    Ups stock dropped bigtime.