UPS Ranks No. 22 on 2014 InformationWeek Elite 100

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    UPS Ranks No. 22 on 2014 InformationWeek Elite 100 - Yahoo

    UPS today announced its Auto Arrive and Depart (AAD) system ranked 22 on the 2014 InformationWeek Elite 100.

    The AAD technology leverages data from a vehicle's mobile computer to exchange load movement and vehicle data between a UPS tractor trailer driver and a UPS dispatch office.

    AAD provides the driver an electronic check-in and check-out process integrating the vehicle data terminal with a suite of UPS developed trailer forecasting and day of operations systems.

    "With over 74,000 trailer arrivals and departures daily, the solution improves the services we provide to our customers and increases operational efficiency," said Nick Costides, UPS vice president transportation technology group.