UPS recognizes some of its ‘unsung heroes’


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UPS recognizes some of its ‘unsung heroes’ - UPS

Program highlights the efforts of building mechanics and porters

What’s new:
More than 1,600 UPS porters and building mechanics are being recognized as part of a new Safe Work Heroes program introduced by the company. Recipients have achieved anywhere from 5 to 50 consecutive years of safe work.

Headlining the list: Three UPSers have gone more than 50 years without a DART* or lost-time injury:

  • Dennis Godzur, 50 years – Jacksonville, Florida
  • Kenneth Jones, 50 years – Chicago, Illinois
  • Robert Olso
Who are the porters and building mechanics: They are the 3,267 professionals working for the Buildings & Systems Engineering (BaSE) team responsible for keeping UPS conveyors running and facilities safe and clean.