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From upswrong:

My Story

I am Vincent. I am a UPS driver. I was injured by a breathing air near a chemical spill at a customer's facility. The customer had evacuated its own employees prior to my arrival. I was not warned of the danger and was affected by the chemical cloud. UPS has been slow to respond and at this point, I am drawing unemployement while on an unpaid active list at UPS. This case, in my opinion is not being handled properly by UPS, or the customer that was responsible for the spill. A news report of my story can be found in the ADVERTISER NEWS.


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"...detected a “severe obstruction” in his lungs and “low vital capacity” but sent him back to work, nonetheless."

Typical idiot UPS doctor.....

Makes you proud to be an employee.


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Seems quite elementary to me. He was hurt on the job, he cant work, therefore he should get comp. UPS does not seem to be at fault in any way, the company who deceived him with the phenol is, either way he should not be under the stress he is as he is fighting for his life.
They will blame it all on smoking.
Dont worry pretty soon he wont be able to afford a pack.
Pretty sad to hear these things.
God Bless this family.


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That is disturbinging. If UPS is unwilling to do something, couldnt he go after the manufacturer that had the spill and lied to him?


Definately. I hope he gets a good lawyer, and sues both the p/u account AND UPS for their stupidity.

Should be a slam dunk if the story is true.

Whats odd is that he had such a severe reaction via limited exposure while the employees working there had to be told to evacuate hours later.

I saw one like this with freon one time. One guy in the sort aisle has a severe reaction to some freon that leaked out of a box with an air conditioning compressor in it while the folks around him (including me) never felt or noticed a thing.


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The driver said the building was evacuated prior to his arrival but the article said it was evacuated after the driver was home. Hummm, are there other contradictions??