New 401k website self managed plan


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How do I view my self managed plan BNY….used to be an external link….i see my balance on the new page Empower… it can’t seem to find a link to actually get into my accoun… please….thanks you…


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After you login, left hand side of the page underneath "empower accounts" you will see "teamster-ups-national..." Click on that next page under investments, look for "Brokerage" click on that. Next page you should see BNY Self Managed Accounts


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On the web mine is under the account tab/drop down menu at the top of the page. Click Teamsters UPS National 401k amd the first option should be overview. Click that and the overview page will come up. Left side there are options and brokerage is where you find it. There may be a little arrow on left side of page under the Teamster logo also. That should have the option for it too. I believe you have to visit this link first and then it may populate on the other areas of the account.
As of a few days ago the app didn't have access