UPS Risk Management?

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    Someone from UPS Risk Management called me yesterday? Does any know why they would call me? :confused:1
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    Have an injury or auto accident lately?

    MSGTDEL New Member

    I had an injury, still under doctors care.
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    I suspect they are calling to see how your are doing and if you are receiving appropriate care since they are the ones overseeing the cop and auto liability them back and let us know...
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    They are probably not UPS employees. Just a subed out company that specializes in getting injured workers back to work. They also look to make sure the doctors don't charge for something they shouldn't, and try to deterime if the employee will be able to return to work. You should ask them what hub they are out of.
    There was another post, that I can't find, about these risk management people. From what I remember the advice was to not tell them anything.
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    That may have been about me and a company called VocWorks. I had a thread titled "Anybody injured ever hear of VocWorks" You can probably still find the thread on page 4 or 5.
    I was injured on the job and had to have surgery.Workers Comp. Blew out a joint. A company called VocWorks started calling me as soon as I was approved for surgery. My "patient advocate" woudn't tell me who was paying for their services. I asked for her business card and letterhead stating their function. She mailed me the info and called me. After I told her that I forwarded the info to me Local B.A. and the Local's attorney, I never heard from them again.
    I had the surgery and am now recupperating at home. BEST PEAK EVER!!!!!!