UPS SCS - June 2013 FSC changed mid-month

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    Hi, I'm a new poster here so forgive me if I fail to follow generally known forum etiquette.

    I actually came here looking to see if anybody else aside from our company caught a mid-month change to the June 2013 NAAF FSC from what was published on May 14th as 0.344 to an increase published June 17th to 0.347. This is contrary to their own published rules for establishing the current FSC Rates and after holding payment on our SCS NAAF invoices to present this anomaly to our UPS Rep, today they conceded it wasn't valid and are re-rating all our transactions.

    Has anybody else experienced this last month?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback and my apologies if this isn't the proper forum. Enjoy your day.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I'm sorry......what?????
  3. IndustryWatcher

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    It was discovered during the audit process to ensure the bills were being rated correctly. They changed the June FSC after it was to go into effect on the 1st per the published rates on May 14th. When we discovered it and took our concerns to the UPS Rep, she conceded and is re-rating them all. That's a $0.03/lbs increase for the airfreight they moved in June over the published rate...right at the end of the quarter before reporting the revenue. I wondered if anybody else had noticed this and what their results were when they approached UPS about it.
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    I just drive a truck man, wish I knew what you're talking about. I'll give you the same answer they give me anytime I ask a question around my workplace to higher ups; volumes down. Hope this helps.
  5. IndustryWatcher

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    Ha! Yeah, I've heard phrases similar to that myself where I work. Basically on a freight invoice with UPS SCS they charge fuel as a line item and the % charged each month is published on their website 2-wks prior to it going into effect on the 1st of every month. This time around they posted it as 0.344 in May, then in June they pulled a fast one and changed the rate to 0.347 = giving themselves a $0.03 profit on every lbs of freight they moved via N.America Air Freight. Very questionable and dishonest, especially considering our Rep admitted it was not proper protocol and agreed to reduce all our bills by that $0.03/lbs. accordingly.
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    FedEx would NEVER overcharge customers. ;)
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    Oh my gosh I thought I was the only one who noticed and I'm glad you posted. I was reviewing my TPS reports when I noticed that the LOL levels reported didn't match the RTS numbers of the WTF report for the first quarter.
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    Heh heh.... Pish Posh!! Blasphemy! FedEx is far above such a travesty.
  9. IndustryWatcher

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    Well, all I can say is that after moving over 192,000 lbs. of air freight with this division, my company recovered $5700+ in overcharges for fuel during that month.
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    Still don't have a clue what you are babbling about...
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    Does this mean we're getting a raise then?? Eeee.. Just kidding
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    ​FSC = Fuel SurCharge
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    This Company caught UPS. Do you think UPS will refund anyone that doesn't complain??
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    Curious. Please share if you can...

    Did you move freight as World Wide Express, Air Cargo or UPS Freight Forwarding?
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    If being billed too much by UPS for their services isn't something that affects you then by all means feel free to disregard my "babbling". I thought perhaps people who are involved in accurate rates charged to their company could benefit from what we uncovered. Perhaps I was wrong. My apologies.