UPS SCS - June 2013 FSC changed mid-month

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    You being overbilled does not affect me or 90+% of the people on this forum; in fact, we actually benefit from this practice.

    Thank you for your donation.
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    Apparently I wasn't clear - I took back my donation and the other 15 divisions in my Company are doing the same, as are many others in our industry. Sorry for interrupting the theme of this forum. I'll take my message elsewhere. Hope you have a lovely evening.
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    for you being such a company man I'm surprised that you treated a customer of ups like that...couldn't you just have directed him/her to the appropriate area to get their question answered...classy once again
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    ​At least he didn't tell him to Man Up!
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    Dont mind numb nuts..he's the special kid around these parts...thanks for coming on here to try to get a question answered...maybe you can private message hoax...he probably can answer any question batter than anyone on here..
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    Honestly, I don't think UPS' Supply Chain Solutions airfreight division will step up and automatically notify / refund all the Customers for the month of June. It's not a move that would benefit their bottom line and having to take back all that revenue after declaring it at the end of Q2 wouldn't look good for their investors. I just recommend doing a line-by-line audit of your UPS SCS Air-FREIGHT invoices to ensure you weren't overcharged and if so, apply for a refund. In this economy, every penny counts.
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    This was skidded freight in excess of 100 lbs. shipped via air transit (Air Cargo) under the published North American Air Freight tariff. This isn't ground freight transported by truck or small parcel via World Wide Express, and although it does include Canada their Freight Forwarding services aren't an entity in these transactions. Although my company has a negotiated pricing agreement with UPS SCS, we still adhere to the published Fuel Surcharge and in June we found the discrepancy that's being refunded to us. I hope that helps to clarify. Apparently I'm not doing a very good job at that and if not, my apologies in advance.
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    Thank you so much for your kind reply. My intention wasn't to come in as disparaging but rather to seek out feedback and engage in an intelligent discussion about this anomaly, which on the surface quite honestly appears suspect. I hoped maybe our discovery could benefit others. I'll take your advice and see if I can figure out ho to PM Hoax...thank you!
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    ​Let me make this perfectly clear ... I am not a ho.
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    Nah you're just some overweight old dude with a beard and long hair that appears in our dreams.
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    Thx for the heads up. Most of us don't deal with billing...only DRing (driver releasing) because no one explains anything to us. Rarely do we see anyone from BD in our center. You are a valued customer to us that make service happen everyday and the problem you have sometimes affects our check correctness too! Thx for showing us we're not alone.