UPS sent me home... not my decision, do I get paid?

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    Hello all, I am a part time loader at UPS and I recently injured my heel while I was at home. I visited the doctor who wrote me a note for 1 week of light duty. Friday I went to work with the note and I talked to my FT sup when I got there and showed him the note hoping I could get some light work. However, in return I got sent home. He said it was policy to send home anyone that has a doctors note stating an exception to their work conditions. (basically saying that if a doctor says I'm not 100%, I can't work) But I was willing, just not completely able. He said if I got injured off duty, then I can't come back till I'm better because I might re-injure my heel at work and that would come back on the company or if I got a release note from my doctor before the time frame was up. My question is, can I get payed for them sending me home and not allowing me to work until my doctor releases me? Like the whole week my doctor recommended me to stay off my foot. This seems pretty crappy to me if they can send me home when it isn't my decision to do so and not pay me. I'm not trying to get free money, I just want my foot to heal before I have to step it up a little bit for the peak season and need to know if I need to bite the bullet and get the note revoked, or if I can actually let my heel heal properly.
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    I think you're S.O.L. You have an assumed responsibility to provide your regular service to your employer when you report. UPS has no obligation to provide you with light duty for an off the job injury. Sending you home is not in violation of any contractual provision I know of so your options are limited to getting better quick and getting your doc to release you ASAP. Some supplements allow partial pay (for full timers) for being sent home after reporting for duty but again you have to be able to perform your assignment. Good luck pal, sounds like a tough break.
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    Funny thing is if you had hurt your heel at work they would find something for you to do under your limitations,but have the same injury off-duty and we can't help you. Just take your week get better and when you go back to the Dr. have him release you full duty if you feel your able to do it. That's about all you can do. You aren't going to be out long enough to collect disability so take your week recoup and get back asap.
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    ok... thanks for the answers. Guess I am between a rock and a hard place.
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    Your doctor said that you can work, but, with limitations.
    You told your boss that you are available for work with limitations.
    Your boss told you that he had no work for you with the limitations.

    You should be eligible for unemployment benefits.
  7. menotyou

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    He file for benny's, they will find something for him to do.

    To the OP, on the job injury- yes. Disability, I think not. It MIGHT depend on your state, though. Some states have rules about this, I think.
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    Last thurs a lot of employees were sent home early at my hub due to light volume. Do all union employees still get paid the full 3 1/2 hours regardless of when they're sent home?
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    If you showed up ready to work, it is not your problem if there was a massive fart in the building and no one wants to enter. ALWAYS CLOCK IN AND OUT ON THOSE DAYS!!! paper trail. Make sure you tell your sup you will push a broom, if need be. Then, if they do not pay, FOLLOW UP with a grievance. That way they know you will endorse the contract. You don't see those hours in your check, take your steward and chat with your sup.
  10. menotyou

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    IF what Dizzee says applies, file for unemployment.
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    File for Short Term disability. It is part of our compensation package from UPS.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Unless you request the guarantee you are only paid for hours worked.

    Call your union local and see if you can apply for short term disability.
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    Not in MA. You have to be able and available to work. Since he is injured he isn't able to do the work.

    Even if he did file there is usually a one week wait before you can start collecting in other words you don't get paid for the first week you unemployed.
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    Where they sent home or asked if they want to go home. If they tell you your all done and you agree and leave then your not guaranteed 3 1/2 hours you left early on your own. If they told you your all done and you said I want my 3 1/2 guaranteed than you would be entitled to 3 1/2 of pay. But by not sayinganything you left buy choice and your SOL.
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    Here you have to be out 8 days or more so this won't work as the OP says he'll be out only a week.
  16. menotyou

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    I think it's 14 here.
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    Memorandum of understanding end of contract if they force you to go home after reporting you get 3 so file if they are not forth comming with the money
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    I was out for 3.5 months with an injury. Basically I was told that since I was part-time, the union couldn't help me. I was also told that since it was an injury at another p/t job, I couldn't get disability. The union was quick to get my dues though when I returned to work. My hub will not do light duty unless it was an injury there. Only thing I got that was a good thing is I kept my bennies. They let me do a leave of absence for that.
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    See if your Local or area has taken advantage of this language . . .

    Section 2. Temporary Alternate Work
    "If either party wants to include non-work related injuries or illnesses under the TAW program the parties will meet and agree upon such amendment."