UPS sued in alleged harassment of Muslim

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    UPS sued in alleged harassment of Muslim - SF Gate

    The shipping company violated antidiscrimination laws in its treatment of Talal Alfaour and retaliated against him when he complained, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission charged in a federal court lawsuit.

    Alfaour, of Jordanian ancestry, has worked for UPS since 1995 as a loader and in the revenue department. Since 2004, the EEOC said, co-workers have called him names like Dr. Bomb and Al Qaeda, and a supervisor told him he could never work with hazardous materials because he was a terrorist who would blow up the building.
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    Just remember there are 3 sides to every story, his - hers - then the truth. What I think is he was okay with it in the begining. Then it got out of hand, now he is looking for a pay day. I just saying.......... What do you think........
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    I agree, people kid around my place of work too. Softly, but a lot more on the tough love sort of side.

    Just because a soup may have said something along the lines, he took it way too personally. People call me the viking at work, that im gonna go beserk and start cleving people. Doesnt bother me at all.

    Just looking for an easy out and a pay day.
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    Everyone has to take the haz-mat training course, to not be able to go through it because they think you might blow up the building is quite outrageous. Remember UPS has a zero tolerance rule. No worker should go through that kind of treatment. It's tougher on the west coast, they harass people more in my personal opinion.
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    The east coast is no day at the beach. Especially, in the small centers miles from the hub.
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    This is typical for a UPS yard. Demographics play a big part of harrassment. I hope UPS loses this case and suffers the steepest fines and awards allowable by law.

    I laugh at the claim of a zero tolerance policy, these are just empty words by big shots who have no idea what goes on in the hubs.


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    They use those words at their convenience. I know.
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    They are legal words, and I believe put out in good faith.

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    zero tolerance when they want it to be