UPS Supports The Administration To Serve The Economic And Healthcare Interests Of The Nation


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UPS continues to deliver for customers even as Coronavirus uncertainty is requiring greater flexibility and creativity to adapt to new social distancing and other health maintenance protocols. Recently, the White House through the Rapid-Response Taskforce for Coronavirus Testing Sites asked UPS to assist with the logistics planning and operations to support the opening and regular operation of drive-up Coronavirus community-based testing sites in several cities. UPS is ready to assist with transportation support as needed for the community-based testing sites.

“UPS is proud to provide logistics and transportation support to assist with the Administration’s special Coronavirus multi-city testing program. We stand ready to assist to help keep our communities safe,” said David Abney, UPS Chairman and CEO. “We are mobilizing our air and ground network planning and operations teams and we are prepared to fully support this urgent testing program.”

In this dynamic environment, the company is informing employees, suppliers and customers of several measures it is using to avoid the spread of the disease, in line with CDC and WHO recommendations. Governments around the world have recognized that UPS’s global network, and those of other essential logistics companies, must continue to operate. They have allowed UPS to continue operating at high levels of speed and efficiency even in unusual circumstances and in locations where the public is being advised to stay home and avoid contact with others.

UPS is a significant part of the fabric of the global economy. The company transports more than three percent of global GDP and about six percent of U.S. GDP daily. UPS employees are proud of the critical role the company plays for its customers, communities and the economies in countries where it operates. The company provides extensive support to major healthcare companies with services ranging from supply chain management to shipping, storage and fulfillment of medical devices, pharmaceuticals and clinical trials specimens.

UPS is ready to assist with other critical logistics and transportation support as needed. The company and The UPS Foundation play leading roles in humanitarian assistance in times of public crisis. UPS was among the first companies to provide air cargo shipments of face masks and other personal protective equipment when the Coronavirus spread began in China in January. UPS is serving this same role in the United States and in other countries around the world, beyond China, that are grappling with this virus.

Today UPS is adapting to new business realities by modifying the procedures its drivers use for residential and business deliveries. In order to minimize contact with recipients, UPS drivers may ‘release’ shipments without the need for a signature. When an adult signature is required due to the contents of the package, UPS drivers may now affix a form on the customer’s door for them to sign, allowing for the signature to be collected while maintaining acceptable social distances.

“We know our customers rely on UPS to maintain the flow of goods throughout their supply chains. We are committed to rapidly adjusting our processes to ensure our employees, customers and communities can maintain normal daily life to the greatest extent possible while we adjust to the new realities of this pandemic,” said Abney.