UPS to allow hard-of-hearing drivers

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    UPS to allow hard-of-hearing drivers - San Francisco Chronicle

    United Parcel Service tentatively settled a 10-year-old lawsuit Tuesday by agreeing to allow some deaf and hard-of-hearing employees to compete for jobs driving small delivery vans after special testing and training.

    The settlement, which awaits approval by a federal judge in San Francisco, would apply to about 1,000 workers and 1,250 vehicles at UPS, the world's largest private package carrier, said attorney Laurence Paradis, executive director of Disability Rights Advocates in Berkeley.
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    These guys come in with a built in advantage, when they get yelled at, it will be nothing to them.
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    Coming from where with billing tonnage?
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    Maybe being yelled at all the time made them become hard of hearing in the first place. :happy-very: