UPS to expand in FedEx's home base in Memphis

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    UPS to expand in FedEx's home base in Memphis - StarTribune

    Amid passenger service declines at the Memphis airport that have left many gates unused, cargo hauling is experiencing a boom.

    United Parcel Service plans to grow in rival FedEx’s back yard by nearly doubling sorting capacity at Memphis International Airport.

    Airport officials who have been in negotiations with UPS expect the Atlanta-based company to spend more than $25 million and hire well in excess of 100 new employees for an expanded sorting facility. It serves part of UPS’ Memphis ground delivery fleet and two flights a day connecting Memphis with Louisville, Ky., home of UPS Worldport.
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    As I posted in the Union forum....UPS is wisely diversifying their air operations to deal with the "climate" in Louisville. (both labor and weather).