UPS to Keep Older Freighters in the Air with New Avionics

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    UPS to Keep Older Freighters in the Air with New Avionics - Cargo Forwarder

    An impressive fleet of aircraft

    It’s not just UPS’s vast fleet of brown and golden trucks which constantly make the headlines. UPS Airlines which started international services with flights between the USA and Canada, today operates across the globe with a fleet of almost 250 freighter aircraft and works out of various hubs in the USA, Europe and Asia.

    Of those 250 or so aircraft, around 190 are what one would today term as “aging models.” The carrier which also operates more modern B747-400 and B747-8 freighters still uses smaller medium range freighters such as the B757-200PF, of which they have 75 in their fleet. On top of this there are another 59 B767-300ERF freighters mainly operating on domestic and South American routes. The carrier’s fleet of Airbus A300-600RF totals 52 units, are still needed for domestic services and will also receive new avionics.
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    Suprise Suprise. Ups will run them until they fall apart