UPS to Purchase TNT???


Sounds bad to me,I know DHL and Fedex Ground
are weasling in on us but lets not resort to violence.


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Haven't heard anything. UPS had the thought to purchase DHL in the 80's. Never happened because they didn't own their facilities or airplanes at that time. Not sure if they own them now, but they are now owned by the Deutch Post, who pretty much kick butt in Europe, from what I hear.

CEO Statement

People are the heart of our company

TNT's success, growth and leadership position in our industry depends largely on the energy and efforts of all our employees, serving our customers in all corners of the world. They are the people who make TNT a great company.
In all their various capacities, throughout TNT’s two divisions: Mail and Express, our people are the heart of our company. They always will be, because whether we’re delivering the mail or working in a sorting centre for Royal TNT Post in the Netherlands, flying a TNT aircraft with urgent business documents, there’s something fundamental that unites us in a common cause: every one of us is working in a service business. That means our people are the key determinant of our continuing success.
TNT operates in 63 countries, all of which reflect a multitude of cultures, nationalities, religions, expertise and ideas. We have an extremely diverse customer base and, in order to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, we need to reflect diversity within our organisation.
We focus on building an inclusive culture. We have networks in place to support employees with different backgrounds and beliefs and we work in partnership with local organisations to support people with fewer opportunities but greater skills. At TNT, we value and embrace difference and that is why our Diversity & Inclusion initiatives serve to make us the employer of choice.
The commitment and creativity of all our people has enabled TNT to consistently reach and exceed our profit and value targets, even in years when growth has been hard to find. And because we continue to grow, we’re continually on the look-out for excellent new people at every level who’d like to share the passion and pride of the around 128,000 people in 63 countries around the world already serving TNT’s customers.