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    I was just wondering who makes more an hour, a ups driver or a usps mail carrier? I know a ups driver makes 30 bucks an hour top pay after three years of driving. which is awesome pay for the hard work. And the post office starts a part time Rural carrier about 18.24 an hour to start. I don't know how much a full time carrier makes. Anyone know? I was recently hired on as an RCA for the post office and am waiting my turn to be a driver at my ups station. I think I have two great options but eventually I will have to choose one or the other. Would be nice if there were two of me. anyone know where i can get myself cloned? :funny:
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    people can not be cloned .......yet

    spoke to a high ranking USPS guy yesterday who told me that the po is gonna be privatized soon and eventually UPS, USPS , and FEDEX will all be one big company.

    we are already seeing some of that with the 85-85 program.

    so , in a nutshell, it probably won't matter where you work. it'll all be a nightmare.

    my advice: be a bum and live off the govt
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    from the mail carriers ive talked to they gave the impression they made mid 40s topped out...many moons ago i had the option to take the service test for the postal service or go to UPS orientation, the service packet said the wages would be from 18-48
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    I really don't know if they're a government company, or a government backed company.
    No tax dollars support the Postal Service. 70% of all their locations they rent. They use private contractors to deliver the mail ( in some areas ) They're not allowed to make a profit. ( monopoly ) They recently asked to reduce the days they deliver by 2.
    I'd go UPS. We may be stressed but the term Going Postal didn't come from us.
  5. klein

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    If money is the only keyfactor, by far UPS is the better deal.
    But, if you want to live more of a normal life, (such as getting home in a decent time, more vacation and sick days), then stick with the postoffice.
    Besides all that, UPS is heavier lifting work, and most likely more stressful.

    I recently had an interview with Canada Post, same thing. As a rural carrier.
    I like thier bennies and the fact, they don't work on an hourly wage, but rather a salary, determend by which route you work.
    (larger route = more salary).
    Also, comes with flexible hrs of work.
    (start early, off work early or skip lunch also home earlier, faster you work, the faster you'll be home, etc).
    Some are done by noon here or just shortly after.

    You'll never see that at UPS.
    And UPS likes to hand out written warnings and suspensions, also fast to fire someone. Over little things.
    As you may know, if you read some of the postings here, from people been fired, then rehired, or not.

    But, if you are money hungry, then, like I said - go UPS.
    Keep in mind, no bennies for 1 yr, or 18 mths for family, less starting rate, and 30 or 36 mths to receive full rate.
    And only 2 weeks vacation for the first 5 years.
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    great info klein. i guess my next question would be how long does it take to get top pay at the post office. as far as money goes i would love to make 30 dollars an hour who wouldnt? But like Klein mentioned I do have two children under two and they are my life. I want to be there when my son plays a football game or whatever he might do. something to really think about.
  7. klein

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    I just googled and found this:
    As I thought, less pay then UPS.


    and more info here:
  8. I got a friend who is in Postal, but he is complaining. Made the test and everything, he got hired. After 3 years he is still not a full time employee without bennies. Now that you can't "google" it's what he said to me.
  9. newworker

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    click on this and enter your zip code and see how much your USPS
    co-workers are making....
  10. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    Good info for him.
    I punched in my aunts zipcode.
    Average is just above $50K.

    Yup, a lot less then UPS.
  11. brownrodster

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    I had a customer ask me if I was jealous of the big bucks that USPS postal carriers made. She was schocked when I told her UPS drivers make significantly more than them.
  12. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    But you got to remember USPS is much healthier.
    Less hrs, and very strict on weight restrictions.

    Nothing passes thru thier system over 50lbs. Or even less. (not sure, but they sure won't ship a bowflex or a piece of furniture).

    Thats where UPS comes in.
    (I had parcels rejected to send via Poat before, because of weight or size).
    They sent me to UPS.

    So, yes, harder work for more pay !
    You deserve it.
  13. chopstic

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    UPS isn't much better... i think the vast majority of us have to wait more than 3 years to get full-time hours. I've been waiting almost 4 yrs and still am not even close to full time position
  14. Ok. Every area is different. But if the volume is up like here and you get full time within few months at UPS than I think postal would be the same way for this location. :peaceful:
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    Except that 4 billion dollar bailout USPS got because the government sucks at running things. I would go to UPS.
  16. UnsurePost

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    Working inside at UPS I make 24/hr. WOrk half as hard as a UPS driver, and make more than most mail carriers.

    UPS is the way to go, IMO, if you REALLY want to work hard.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    You are doing the right thing by putting your family's interest ahead if your considering working for a company like UPS. Many of us get caught up in the long hours at work that we forget what a toll it has on family life. Money isn't everything and I would take a pay cut if it meant we could be home by 17:00 on a regular basis.

    You remember a movie "Only a few good Men"? One of the lines was "Unit,Corp.,God,Country". To me UPS is a para-military company. They instill in you that you put the company's objectives before your own family.

    Every package must be delivered,every pick up must be made; until you complete that, whatever time left in your day can be spent with family,which most-often times; isn't much.
  18. MR_Vengeance

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    my postman is like clockworks,and you can never find that guy after 5 pm.:happy-very:
  19. flip33

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    alot of great info! as of right now im leaning towards the post office mainly because i want to be there for my family as much as possible. and imo postal carriers seem alot less stressed. i accually drovefor the first time on my own during thanksgiving weekendand i was pretty stressed out. i think spending time with my children is worth gettin paid a little less. we will see what happens.
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