2023 NEW CONTRACT… 22.4 conversion details


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I’m a 22.4 in San Diego. So pumped and thankful to be converting to a RPCD. Does anyone know the details? They “eliminated” the 2 tier pay rate, so what will it be? I’ve also heard that the pay progression will now be 2 yrs instead of 4 yrs. So long time drivers mentioned there will no longer be a progression. Obviously if I wait a few more weeks when it’s all set in stone, I’ll find out, but I’m pumped and want to know sooner than later. Thx in advance bruthas n sistas.
Still four years


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So a seniority Monday thru Friday RPCD driver can bump a new 22.4 Rpcd out on Saturdays if we wanna work that 6th day??
New 22.4 rpcds might regret this change.
Why would they allow that? Guys higher than me won't want Saturdays and won't get it unless we have a route open. Can't take a position if there is nothing else open.