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    Hi i am a college student and i just applied for a package handler job online and scheduled a tour/interview. Here's the problem: i found out about this job opening from a friend who is also a package handler, we both went online and couldn't find the location that i wanted to apply for. so he went to his manager the next morning and told him. The manager said to apply to the buffalo location because that's where it was listed under. i applied and got the tour. My concern is that buffalo is 2 hours from where i live and i'm afraid that i'm going to drive all the way up there and get rejected because i applied at the wrong location.

    has this happened to anyone else?
    do they usually give tours and interviews in different locations from where you are going to be working?
    how would i tell them about this situation?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Are you closer to the Henrietta center?
  3. poland

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    no i am near the Arkport area. the henrietta center would still be an hour and a half away from me and they are not listed on the job openings anyway
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    I was asking about Henrietta because that is where our PDS is from. I don't know where Arkport it. That doesn't matter--you should only take the tour at the facility that you are interested in working at--to tour the Buffalo facility, while it would give you a taste of what you could expect, would be a waste of time for all involved.
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    That is exactly what i didn't want to hear. i know they are hiring at arkport, but there is no way to apply there as they only accept online applications and as a said before, the manager or supervisor told me to apply to the buffalo location to get the arkport job. i'm just confused about this situation

    i don't see why i couldn't get interviewed in one location and work in another though
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    Because whether or not you get hired depends on the interviewer, not the fact that you were interviewd by a UPS representative.

    If I understand correctly, your friend works at the center you want to work at? If so, have your friend speak to the interviewer (HR guy) at his center and explain the situation. If your friend is in good standing there, his recommendation might be an advantage for you anyway. The guy you refer to as his "manager" may have provided bad information.

    Unless something weird is going on and they are giving tours at a different center from which they are hiring. I suppose anything is possible at this place, but I say that's unlikely.

    When is the interview/walkthrough?