UPS Truck Driver Dies After Crashing Into Pole In Coyle

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    The impact damage doesn't look significant at all. In fact, it looks completely driveable. I would guess the unfortunate driver had a medical emergency and then struck the pole.:sad-little:
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    I agree. That impact wasn't that bad unless he broke his neck or something, so probably something happened first causing him to crash. Or a shadowy figure on a grassy knoll targeted him.
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    RIP brother
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    these comments sound kind of glib in respect for a bad situation. i wonder how many here know of folks who have died while performing duties at ups.

    i can name five. but i've been around a while. maybe it's getting better.
  6. Covemastah

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    Very sorry to see a brother killed, prayers for his family and friends RIP brother UPSer !!
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    May comfort and peace be with his family during this sad time.