UPS Turns Parking Lots Into Sorting Centers to Add Speed

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    UPS Turns Parking Lots Into Sorting Centers to Add Speed - Bloomberg

    Outside a brick-and-mortar sorting facility in suburban Atlanta, UPS has built its own Christmas village.

    It’s functional, if not festive: the company welded together aluminum segments and placed them atop a poured concrete floor to create a makeshift package-sorting facility in an employee parking lot. Inside, conveyor belts whisk packages toward the gaping delivery bays and the awaiting brown Pullman trucks.

    These “mobile distribution center villages” deployed around the U.S. are designed to help avert a repeat of last year’s Christmas delays that saw thousands of gifts delivered a day or more late. United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) is in crunch time. It expects six days this month to surpass its single-busiest shipping day of last year. Things should peak today with an estimated 34 million items dropped off at homes and businesses.
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    Yet, the dummies at Amazon & E-Bay are still advertising Christmas delivery if you order Tuesday. UPS better say "NO" and put the blame on the Amazons and other places.