ups up $.70 FDX up $5.33 on buyout rumors

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    There was an article in Barron's over the weekend stating why FDX could be ripe for a buyout. Any thought how that could affect UPS price and business?
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    If only it could be us doing the buying.

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    UPS has the cash reserves to top any bid IMO. If this would happen we would own the world!!!!
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    I know GE at one time was interested in ups, so knowing how damn diverse they are maybe they would be a potential buyer of fredex.
  5. Coldworld

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    if ups wanted to buy fedex, does anyone think that the feds would step in and say, I wonder how the hell that rumor started.It is interesting to think about though, man talk about complicated situation if ups did ever purchase fedex. I think ups should keep the freight, express and international section and spin off the kinkos back to a copy center and the ground unit back to RPS. Man, that would be a complicated merger for sure:wink::wink:
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    I noticed the article mentioned we face a potential strike next year. I sure hope the Teamsters and UPS get their act together and get a new contract in place early. Neither of them can play this game the same way they have in the past and think everything will be okay.
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    We used to own the world(ground market share), remember?
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    Survey: FedEx reliability, customer experiences make it top choice
    Tuesday July 10, 2:08 pm ET

    If there was any question whether FedEx is losing its status as a shipper of choice, readers cleared it up. It remains the dominant choice among Tampa Bay Business Journal readers as overnight shipper of choice.
    FedEx (NYSE: FDX - News) won 188 votes, or 65 percent of the 286 responses to the latest Business Pulse Survey question, the newspaper's non-scientific online survey designed to provide a snapshot of what readers are thinking.
    UPS (NYSE: UPS - News) garnered 59 votes or 20 percent, followed by DHL Express with just 17 votes or 5 percent. The United States Postal Service ranked No. 4 winning just 15 votes.
    "Any place I have shipped via FedEx, it arrives the next day. I sent an overnight package via the Post Office and it took three days to get to where it was going," said one reader in comments. "With our corporate discount, FedEx overnight is comparable in price to USPS registered mail and it gets there two days earlier," said another reader. For more comments, see the July 13 print edition of the TBBJ.

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    ups buying fedex WOULD NOT BE GOOD for current employees.

    competition keeps UPS on edge. it keeps them innovative. it keeps the company balanced. as an employee, it's a GOOD THING. technology will get better. in this industry, competitiveness means MAKING THE EMPLOYEE'S JOB EASIER.

    you think people who work under communism (ie; competition free) have it better?

    secondly, i don't think the feds would intervene if ups tried to buy out. you still have dhl and usps.

    regardless, i wouldn't hold my breath.
  11. Its probably too late to buy FDX.

    But back when we wanted to start an airline, we should have bought FDX THEN, back when we had the best package and they had the best air service, the merger would have made sense and UPS could have purchased FDX for a SONG compared to today...FDX was a small company back then and UPS certainly had lots of cash to do it.

    Of course in typical UPS fashion, we did the arrogant and stupid thing and went out and built our own airline. It turned out ok, but I still look back when lots of us thought we should have bought them before they turned into the much larger FDX/RPS Ground, FDX Freight etc..

    And now the parcel industry in the US is divided against each other trying to compete with monopolist state supported companies like DHL.
  12. NI1

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    Wait....I dont think it is good if UPS buys fedex. For one, there will no longer be PCM material such us "fedex is taking our customers" or "fedex is out there to get us" yada yada yada:cool:
  13. RockyRogue

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    When the h*ll was GE interested in UPS?? I've never heard even a rumor about anybody wanting to buy us out.

    I was a business major in college for a little while. I had a banker turned economics professor one term. He told several great business stories and one of them involved Coca-Cola. I don't remember the details but at one point, two banks did some work for Coke. Both were given the option of accepting shares as payment for services in lieu of cash. His bank took the shares, the other the cash. Years later the shares had split and appreciated to many times their original value. At one point, the bank was approached about being bought-out and declined. The acquiring partner threatened to make it a "hostile-takeover." The bank executive handling the negotiations smiled slightly and said, "OK, we'll buy you out." Indeed, the two banks did merge. I think it was SunTrust that did the buying. Any business historians out there??

    I think its very possible. If they did, I think we'd have to "divest" some of our existing assets. However, considering how much more modern FDX's facilities are, could this be a bad thing?? Many of their vehicles are of newer manufacture date, too. I asked this question in another thread: Is it possible UPS could be interested in FDX solely for the infrastructure?? It'd be cheaper than doing it ourselves. However, some of these facilities are a little further from the interstate highway system than UPS prefers. The one here is miles and miles from I-70. Any thoughts?? -Rocky
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    UPS buying FedEX is a non starter, there's a nasty little thing called antitrust law.
  15. Raw

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    If UPS bought FedX they would have to change the company name to Fed-Up ! :lol:
  16. wkmac

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    That's so old that it doesn't even invoke a hint of tingling the funny bone. Beside from the looks of opinions across this board, we don't need FedEx to already be Fed-Up!

  17. moreluck

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    Raw.............groan !!!:sad:
  18. bad company

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    I've only been driving for about a month, but I've read on Browncafe about other drivers and their encounters with customers and stupid lines...

    This one was right up there with the worst of them, and I thought to myself (before I went driving) that no customer is that dumb or corny enough to say something like that.

    Well...this past Friday while making a pick up, the owner of the company came outside and asked me " Have you heard the news?....FedEx and UPS are merging and..." I told him to stop, and no, we are not going to be Fedup... I think I busted his bubble and he had a dissapointed look on his face :lol: . I hope we don't lose their business just because he couldn't finish his lame joke.
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    I had a customer once tell me that HE was the one who first came up with that joke many many years ago.

    And my college roommate insisted that HIS aunt was the actual person in the elevator with (as it turned out) Eddy Murphy (the "hit the floor" one), and also that HIS customer service center actually got the original "the drink holder on my computer broke off" call.

    I've known me some idiots.
  20. Raw

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    I actually was the one who invented putting tin foil around a potato when baking!! :tongue_sm