UPS: We Took L.L. Bean Account From FDX

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    UPS: We Took L.L. Bean Account From FedEx - The Street

    UPS says it has taken the prized L.L. Bean account from FedEx.

    Bean is one of the country's biggest and best-known catalog and online retailers. In 2007, the last full year it reported, revenue totaled $1.62 billion. Last year, Bean shipped about 18 million packages; at UPS, the average daily domestic package volume is about 15.1 million.
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    this is good news for us. i've always liked the products in the L.L. Bean catalog, but would not buy them too have FedEx deliver them to me. i hope someone up there is pulling in some points on a sales lead.
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    Man.....This is HUGE!!!!! I hope its true....
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    there comes 20 more stops!!!! yeeee hawwww
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    This is great news! I also like the name: "LL Bean" has a nice ring to it! :D
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    as of now it is a one year deal