UPS wins kudos for hiring efforts at new Atlanta SMART hub


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UPS wins kudos for hiring efforts at new Atlanta SMART hub - Atlanta Business Chronicle

United Parcel Service Inc. has launched a strong partnership to hire community residents for its new UPS SMART hub facility on Fulton Industrial Boulevard.

It has been working with the Center for Working Families, the United Way of Greater Atlanta and a total of 60 nonprofits on a recruitment drive to hire people who live near the new UPS SMART hub.

“It’s really special,” said Africa Roberson, workforce development manager for the Center for Working Families. “It shows that UPS really cares about community. They really wanted to make this a blueprint and be part of the community. We’ve had a huge level of support for this.”

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A smart person would have built it there
I did an OCLB for the Atlanta area in 1989 and the optimum location was either on the North side up I-75 of the Atlanta area or the West side of Atlanta out I-20 (which is the location of the new hub).
FedEx built a hub on the north side and most likely affected the demographic availability of PT workers.
The west side outside of Atlanta has good demographics for hub workers with above average work ethics (blue collar).
The main cost driver for optimum location for the new hub would be feeder costs including run times, meetup points and proximity to the rail yards.