UPS hiring thousands of workers for massive hub on westside of Atlanta

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    UPS hiring thousands of workers for massive hub on westside of Atlanta - Atlanta Journal Constitution

    UPS has started hiring thousands of workers for a massive Southeast ground hub to open on the westside of Atlanta, one of the largest developments in the area in years.

    The Sandy Springs-based shipping giant plans to hire 2,500 to 3,000 people to work at its Southeast Metro Automated Routing Terminal hub in Atlanta by November.

    However, the majority of the positions at the facility will be part-time: Of the total, about 700 will be full-time jobs, including drivers, mechanics and managers.
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    @scratch .. what’s the word from the boots on the ground??? Even with all of this smart technology there will still be thousands of people working there....but won’t most of these full time positions be transfers from local buildings??? The opening of that building should be a real good dog and pony show being so close to the corporate offices.... word from the FNN is that you will be giving the keynote speech right after abney makes his photo op appearance....
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    All we hear are rumors and they change all the time. I don't think UPS really knows what's going in over there. We bid our routes at the first of the year and I was eyeing one that I thought would move according to earlier rumors. It would be a ten-mile drive to work instead of my present 27, but I really didn't care for the Fairburn route I was looking at. I'm on good terms with my center manager and he doesn't know right now what will move over there. One of the Region guys told me in December that 300-400 package drivers and about 400 feeder runs would run out of this building. We have four Hubs already running around Atlanta.

    They spent $3M on an automated small sort right before last Peak in my Forest Park Hub that I was told was just to test out for Honey Creek. It wasn't running right and contributed to our Hub disaster. We were told we left 1000 small sort bags in the building one morning.

    I drove right up to the front door of the new Hub one day while it was under construction a few months ago. The guard didn't look up from her cell-phone as I drove by her truck. I went on Google Maps awhile ago and looked up "1100 Fulton Industrial Blvd" which is the construction address at the intersection of Honey Creek Rd. Google has the location wrong, its about a mile North at the end of the North runway of Fulton County/Charlie Brown Airport.

    The FNN got that one wrong, they wouldn't want me to give the keynote speech!
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    Didn’t know you hob knobbed with region folks.... better start calling it the SNN ... scratch news network.... that article on the front page of BC said there was going to be hundreds of new full time jobs... seems a little misleading for someone reading it thinking they can get a full time job unless you are hiring pkg/feeder off the street???
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    Can't wait for this GA hub to open. Supposedly they are gonna take most of our air hub's hardware and we have definitely been getting slammed with hardware.
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    UPS stock is up over $4 today. :)
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    We lost our Midnight Sort to the new SMART Hub this week and I have noticed a lot of radio advertising trying to hire package handlers for it.