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  1. smm22d

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    Hello, I am in small sort and I was just wondering how do I advance in the company? Any suggestions? I have been working really hard and am on my toes? I would like to stay with UPS, but was just wondering if anybody had any recommendations to do or not to do? Thanks
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    Advance? As in to management? I get the impression from UPS these days that if you want to go into PT management the door is wide open. Full time is another matter. Driving? Wait your turn. How long did you have to wait to get into small sort? I hope you at least unloaded for awhile before they put you in small sort.
  3. smm22d

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    NO, they put me into small sort right away! i would like to unload or load because I like to do more physical work than i do in small sort. Management or driving would be nice, which ever would benefit me to move up.
  4. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I worked in smalls for two years before transferring to another building. Between the two buildings and working at RPS for a year I've done just about everything. I recommend staying in smalls until a full-time job opens. If it's management you are interested in then I'd move into loading/unloading or preload. It helps to have experience in the job you'll be supervising. I liked smalls but it had it's up and downs like anything else. It was 90% female in smalls. They had only recently started putting newbies up there when I was hired so most of the people there had been at UPS at least 10 years. They have continued to put newbies up there since I was hired. I don't really understand it because they have bid sheets for smalls but put anyone up there from off the street.
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    You would rather load or unload than small sort?:lol:. Be careful what you ask for you just might get it. Unloading is fast paced. I guess if you like fast paced that would be ideal for you. Re: loading? You will be responsible for scaning packages and at the same time making sure the right packages go to the right truck and the same time loading the packing in the truck. Did I mention that supervisors like to throw salts in unknowing loader's trucks. (That is when a supervisor purposely throws in a package that does not belong in your truck to see if you will catch it. If you dont you will hear about--LOUDLY.)

    Good luck
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    You've got to be kidding. There is no accountability on the preload any more. That's why every day I have rewraps, misloads,and damages in the load. Every so often they put a leaker on and you know their hand had to get wet when they loaded it. But ,they loaded it anyway so it could leak on more pkgs. How about the footprints on every third package. I guess the unloaders don't walk along the edge of the center roller anymore when raising the flaps in the trailers. Hell, just walk on them; it's not my package. We would have been fired for walking across a loaded trailer. But that was back in the day and I'm just a dinosaur from the past. Recently, I had a small envelope with a tire track across it. Explain that to a customer. Excuse me, a misnomer, not a customer but a revenue unit. Long live United Profit Systems. :mad:
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    "not a customer but a revenue unit."

  8. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Loading trailers,loading package cars and unloading are definately the three most physical jobs in the hubs but unloading is a no brainer so I don't even count it. Smalls is a bit underrated. I've done just about every job between working at UPS and FedEx and I'd have to say that smalls was the most difficult job OVERALL. Not physically. It wasn't the actual work that made it so difficult. It was the people. A bunch of spoiled, gossiping, women mixed with your typical hub rats that have moved up into smalls combine for a pretty much worthless group to work with. In theory smalls should be one of the best jobs in the hub but the people ruin it. Working in smalls was a frustrating time for me but on the rare occasion when almost everyone showed up and just did their jobs it sure was sweet.
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    Irregs is the best job in the hub. Nothing else even comes close, and I've done it all.
  10. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I hated irregs at UPS. It was cool at RPS though. At UPS there were too many irreg guys that thought their job was to drive around in their trains and just socialize while the the rest, (usually the newer guys), did all the work. At RPS, AKA "FedEx Ground", it was rediculously easy. All we had to do was pull them off the ramps and scan them and the scanner would bring up a door number. We'd write the door number on the package and place it on a belt that runs by all the PDs. Each PD had an irreg guy that be watching the irreg belt for packages with door numbers for his area and would pull them off and take them to each door/trailer. The guy working on the load end would be breaking jams as well but still an easy job. No need for irreg trains.
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    For cross-promotion, like smalls to unloading or picking, just grab your sup before or after a shift, take him/her out of the way, and tell that person your intention.

    For diagonal promotion like driving or upward promotion to management, submit a letter of intent (it must be handwritten). Ask your sup for details, he/she will email you the promotion process.