UPS Worker Arrested in Apple Product Thefts

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    UPS Worker Arrested in Apple Product Thefts - NBC Washington

    Stephen A. Owens was arrested May 3 and charged with embezzlement. Owens was a sorter at the United Parcel Service (UPS) facility in Virginia.

    Detectives received complaints from security at the UPS facility at 8200 Alban Rd. in Springfield, Va. in November 2012. Staff reported that large quantities of Apple products were disappearing from the facility. The items included Macbooks, iPhones, iPods and iPads that were being shipped from Apple to new customers.
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    Tired of dummies giving us a black eye. Why throw away a career and benefits for a little extra cash? I'll never get it.
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    How did he never think he would get caught?
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    For $8/hr, or just a$200-$300 week, it's probably more than likely that these sorters do need an extra cash source.

  5. CAREER? hahahah,

    One mac book AT LEAST 2 months of sorting, assuming he doesn't eat or have any bills.
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    They describe the "sophisticated scam" as him stuffing boxes into his pants. That made me laugh a bit.