UPS worker charged with theft from Bridgewater facility

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    UPS worker charged with theft from Bridgewater facility - Star Ledger

    A United Parcel Service employee has been arrested on charges he stashed away packages of valuables and then sold them for distribution at cut-market rates, authorities said today.

    Ira Daniels, 27, of Franklin Park, is charged with third-degree theft in the alleged theft of boxes of TAG Heuer luxury watches from the UPS facility where he worked on Chimney Rock Road in Bridgewater, police said.
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    I do love to see these losers get arrested. I would love to catch someone doing that. Not only would I report them, I'd volunteer to assist in catching them.
  3. rocket man

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    IM glad he or she got caught
  4. preloader

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    Prior to my transfer, the Bridgwater building was where i called home for seven years. Its a larger building than the one im in now, and had a much higher turnover rate than the average. I remember people getting fired all the time for theft from there, many of whom were set up by management. They would send boxes of small individually wrapped candy down the lines, thousands of pieces coverring the length of the belt, waiting for someone to grab the bait. Im all for it, i think if someone shows they will risk their job over a 3 cent piece of candy, then obviously the Tag watch will be next.

    WTG on catching Ira, now who wants to be next?
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    I wish UPS would get serious and prosecute more often. A driver in our building got caught stealing DVD's and was let go when he "quit." Another guy got caught stealing out of the postcard room and was not prosecuted. Man up, UPS!
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    Helen I think it has to do with placing negative press in our company
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    Does anyone know the hot line # to report someone stealing? Could you please send it to me in a PM
  8. DS

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    I work in a big hub and I've lost count of the boneheads that got fired for theft,They dont mess around here,I've seen the police cuff and escort a few drivers and preloaders out.We had one driver a few years ago that was going in early and taking boxes of high end jeans from another car,putting them in his,and stockpiling his garage,and the preloader that liked jewellery,and it seems the new item of choice is i-phones...nimrods.
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    I just wish they would police themselves the same way.

    About 7 years ago in our hub we had several fallout xmas decorations. It was xmas eve and LP took them home. All are still working here.
  10. dillweed

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    Seems what's good for the goose isn't always good for the gander!:happy-very: