UPS yanks funding to Boy Scouts of America

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    please move this thread..........way far away.
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    There goes another account to FedEx...
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    As a former Council-level volunteer scout leader and father of two Eagle Scouts, I am ashamed of The UPS Foundation for doing this. The BSA has never taught scouts to hate Gay people, in fact they are taught to respect people of all backgrounds. UPS was and I still hope a major donor to the BSA Atlanta Area Council, I still designate that my United Way contributions go there. The money was mainly used to help inner-city kids to have a scouting program and offer scholarships to go to Summer Camp. Scouting was one of the few positive programs these kids from mostly single parent families had. So these kids will be the ones who suffer from "political correctness".
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    Wow. Good move UPS!
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    It's of no consequence to me personally. I'm not a boy scout, I have no sons who could become boy scouts, nor am I gay, but I do find this move rather peculiar.

    I'm not sure if it's this way in other buildings, but I do know there were several gay employees (both management and full-time) in my building a few years ago that had to fight the company tooth-and-nail to just to get healthcare coverage for their spouses/domestic partners. I don't know what the outcome was, I've never questioned any of them because frankly it's none of my business, but I really can't help but wonder what brought on this sudden change of heart down there in Atlanta?
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    But our Health Insurance covers same sex partners ?
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    The Scout Oath:

    On my honor, I will do my best
    To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
    To help other people at all times;
    To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight

    The Scout Laws:

    A Scout is:

    • Trustworthy,
    • Loyal,
    • Helpful,
    • Friendly,
    • Courteous,
    • Kind,
    • Obedient,
    • Cheerful,
    • Thrifty,
    • Brave,
    • Clean,
    • and Reverent

    I have lived by these principles since I was 11 years old. I am thankful that this way of live was instilled in me by men of honor. If UPS does not support this fine and pure way of life, so be it, we live in a free country. Trust me when I say this the Boy Scouts of America does not need money from UPS or anyone else to instill their beliefs and values in the fine young men who participate in scouting.
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    I had a son in Scouts and another who was about to start. I loved it. Great experiences. But the stance they took on gays...well I decided to get out. We know kids who would not be able to share these experiences with a parent because of this. As a black man I couldn't help think that such a position could have been taken towards blacks 60 years ago. That would have been wrong. This is wrong. Luckily we stay busy with soccer and they remain always all inclusive.
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    That's what I thought. Apparently that only became the case recently unless the issue is somehow governed by state law.
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    As a former Scout Master I beleve scouting should be accepting of gays pulling the founding is a sad state of affairs. Personal experience has shown me there is lot more to worry about with young men than whether they are gay or not
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    As someone who was molested by a 4-h leader as a child, I well understand why the BSA don't want to take the risks. I have no desire to harm or harrass gay people, but taking unnessary risks with children is just stupid. Shame on UPS.
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    Gays are not any more likely to abuse than straight people, abusers target CHILDREN.

    Funny, this has been going on for years and the Boy Scouts just covered it up like a certain religous organization and a college recently. The Boy Scouts have been anti-gay for years though, all the while hiding abuse which I think is far worse and should have been prosecuted.
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    You mean you stopped involvement with the boy scouts simply because of their policy on openly serving gay leaders? Hmm... and you had great experiences? Soccer will never replace what the scouts can teach.... but to each his own....
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    I was cool with Scouts until they made a stand that had absolutely nothing to do with scouting. And we still have church and summer camps where nobody is turned away. Yeah. I wish scouts was part of it but we'll excel in other endeavors.
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    Wrong, this has nothing to do with it. Any type of program that is geared towards youth attracts certain adults who will molest them. Sports teams, church groups, school groups, you name it. The Boy Scouts were the first organization to recognize this and took steps to try to prevent it. The idea of "two-deep leadership" was developed where a child was supposed to never be alone with an adult. "A Time To Tell" was a short film produced to warn all kids to be wary of strange adults. The child abuse files that were released a few weeks ago actually showed how successful the BSA was. With millions of kids going through the program, the abuses were few and far between. Adults were prosecuted when caught, but sometimes the victims and their parents refused to press charges and put their kids through the ordeal of going to court. The BSA was aware of certain predators and the various councils that made up the national organization informed each other of these people. That being said, Scouting guidelines sometimes weren't followed and a child predator would figure out the system and use their authority to abuse it. The Catholic Church with the Preist-Alterboy scandals caused major damage to that church and don't even get me started about the rate of kids being abused on sport teams with no oversight at all.

    The Gay Pride movement has had it in for the Boy Scouts ever since a certain Supreme Court case. A former Eagle Scout and adult leader by the name of James Dale decided to wear his uniform in a Gay Pride parade and his local Council decided to kick him out after parents in his Troop complained. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court and the Boy Scouts won a close decision. They are a private organization and have the right to decide who their leaders can be. In no way am I saying that a Gay man will molest a boy. The part of the "Scout Oath" that covers being "Morally Straight" as an adult leader should also be interrupted in my mind to include leaders who drank, smoked, used drugs, cursed, had extra-marital affairs, etc. As leaders, a child's sexual orientation was never an issue. Sexual behavior at these ages was discouraged if anything, there was never any training, classes, Merit Badges, that promoted any certain lifestyle.

    I worked with a couple of Gay men who had their sons in my Troop. They realized that the leadership skills, first aid, cooking, camping, speaking, service projects helping their community, planning, and so many more skills were much more important than tossing a leather ball around a field. I know I learned a lot from all the training I took and the classes and programs I later led and taught others. It is not a perfect organization, but I have never met a better group of volunteers from all walks of life that I had a pleasure to work with.
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    In addition you're teaching your sons that it's not OK to look the other way at discrimination. Good on you.
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    the BSA is its own organization! who are we to dictate what values they should or should not support. While we're at it, why dont we start dictating to churches what they should believe in
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    We don't dictate. We either participate or we withhold our participation.