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  1. Boysie8706

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    Does it seems like the company doesn't really care too much about their Part Time supervisors?
  2. rod

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    Actually------ they don't care about anybody.
  3. serenity now

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    what Rod said, but you very well might be least best on their non-caring list
  4. LongTimeComing

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    They used the very least...make us FEEL LIKE they cared. Christmas bonus, turkey (hell, even when they just gave out coupons, that was cool), gain-sharing, actual recognition...I could go on. They don't even attempt to play off the fact that they don't care about their own anymore. I'm wondering how much longer 'promote from within' will hold any weight....
  5. cachsux

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    If you're just picking up on this maybe supervising isn't your calling.
  6. Re-Raise

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    Do Woodchucks like to chuck wood?
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^love this commercial ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^