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    How do you get a password to use the site? Any help would be apprecited.
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    It appears that the site may be down @ this time due to a security problem.

    Never mind - it's ok now.

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    To get back to your original question, once you access the site, your ID # is your employee # off of your check stub - NOT your SS#.

    The first time you attempt to sign on, your password is:

    a) the first two letters of your last name (I believe they have to be typed in lower case)
    b) the last two digits of your date of birth
    c) the last two digits of your SS#.

    Once you are in, you can then change your password.

    Hope this helps.


    OSBM - just remembered - I'm retired now and may not be allowed to access the site!!!!!!

    Guess not - I'm in now

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    Thanks for the help...