Employment Review Form

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by mojobuc, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. mojobuc

    mojobuc Guest

    Does everyone have one of these on the site, or is it here for me only, since I left the company?

    Was just curious to see if I was still able to log on and check my ins. benefits and there it was.
  2. teddyr

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    I couldn't find any such form under my profile. I doubt they would post it while your still employed to avoid rebuttal. Out of curiosity, what does it contain? positive or negative info?
  3. mojobuc

    mojobuc Guest

    it's actually a form to grade your experience.
    oneofthose 1-5 scales, 5 being 'Very positive' 1 very negative.
    Fair document, gives you a chance to vent a bit, but I wish it had a section just for general comments.
  4. rngri4

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    I filled on out last year about this time, they select certain employees from each center to do one. It is "anonymous" (yeah right), and it has something to do with the bonuses that the FT management employees get.