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    I think what amuses me most is the first comment from the guy who said he shot two guys who tried this lol ...

    edit: and the third comment from the guy he shot ... oh man. I'm dying right now.
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    Don't you love the parasites of society who spend all their free time figuring out how to take from hard working people?
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    the comments are lulz
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    I'm guessing they call it a package car because you can ignore the "No trucks" signs.

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    I believe UPS prefers to call it a "Package Car" to avoid paying to license it as a truck.

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    A good way to turn the tables is to nicely box up something you are trying to get rid of and put it out where these types can see it. Like the stuff my dog leaves in the back yard.
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    Whats really sick is not only are these guys thieves, they glorify their exploits on a web page and activley try to get others to join in this deplorable behavior. Seems that someone should be able to back track the IP address that created the content in the web site and identify these creeps. They have admitted their crime in their boastful posts!
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    Slimeballs. True slimeballs.
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    I had this happen to me about a week ago. I DRed a package at a front door behind a flower pot. As soon as I pulled off, a car pulled up and the driver ran to the door and stole the package and drove off. The neighbor across the street was working at his desk facing the road and watched the whole thing. He couldn't see the tag number, but I know to look out for a silver Chevy Impala driven by a guy with dreadlocks. The thief got a box of vitamins for an elderly woman, I hope they were worth a possible interstate shipment theft conviction.
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    I sent a takedown request to the site's web host advising of the violation of their terms of service

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    Good! That was despicable! Hope it works
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    I don't want to have to classify and rate that, thanks ;)
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    IIRC it was referred to as a package "car" because "truck" has a negative connotation. It's in a video they showed during driver training. History of UPS type deal. Interesting watch. They also talked about how they decided on brown because it's low key. Like if a package car was delivering to a business or something, it wasn't all "hey! look at me" just kind of melts into the landscape.

    I find it funny that 95% of drivers in my center call it a "truck", possibly everyone. You only hear management types say car.