UPS's Record-Smashing Day

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    UPS's Record-Smashing Day - Motley Fool

    In just one day this year -- Monday, Dec. 16, to be exact -- UPS (NYSE: UPS ) expects to move a record 34 million packages through its system.

    That works out to about 1.5 million deliveries per hour, or an incredible 23,611 packages each minute.
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    Wednesday is always the heaviest day in my center, I predict the 18th will be heavier. Plus with the weekend ordering, how could UPS think that Monday would be the heaviest?
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    This very moment, UPS has a crack team of scientists working on the theory of time and relativity to slow down the passage of time in order to cram more deliveries into a work day.
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    I wonder how much of UPS "growth" has been in the ARS RS service? I know I pick up at least 10 on average every day. Multiplied across the country its has to be over a million packages. That's about 8% of total package volume. The RS ARS service is a flat rate price. Its not charged the same as a dimensional weight or scaled weight package from a commercial account. How much of the increased revenue are cost cuts done off the backs of management?
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    Yeah, a Monday seems odd. That's the day we (at least my center) cut routes. Which means we always get added splits we don't get the rest of the week.