UPS's Solution to No One at Home: Fetch the Package Yourself

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    UPS's Solution to No One at Home: Fetch the Package Yourself - Bloomberg
    • Access Point system delivers items to drugstores, dry cleaners
    • As Amazon tests drones, UPS `seems so regressive,' says critic

    Three Attempts

    Adapted from a Belgian company UPS acquired in 2012, Access Point targets neighborhoods with a high rate of failed deliveries, or what UPS internally calls “send-agains.” Those include older neighborhoods, areas with rows of townhouses where the doorstep is in plain sight, or apartment buildings with no doormen, said Geoffrey Light, president of product development.

    In these areas, UPS previously would try three times to deliver a package before leaving it at a customer service center for as long as five days. After that, UPS would return it to the shipper. Now, the company will try just once before sending it to a store.

    In all other neighborhoods, packages are left at homes the first time whether the recipient is there or not, said Light. That won’t change under the new program. UPS delivers more than 95 percent of all deliveries on the first attempt, he said.
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    Now do something about Dish Network call tags.
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    NonDel, moved. RTS.
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    Lol. I get a dish call tag for the same house about every 3 months. I've had at least 10 over the past couple years. Their dish still stands proudly on the corner of their roof.
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    I had that where the customer would just say they weren't going up on the roof to get that dish. NR1, NR2, NR3, and repeat.