Using a false identity for the purpose of misleading others...

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by cheryl, Sep 10, 2002.

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    [​IMG]After reviewing the logs for the posters that have generated the most complaints over the past year I have noticed that most of the usernames that are causing disruptions are posted from the same couple of IP's. This leads me to believe that a couple of people are using multiple user names to post misleading information on this board.

    Using more than one user name is not a problem if you are not posting falsified information, however in this case a couple of the user names that I have identified are coming from the same IP's and are claiming to be different individuals with various types of complaints against UPS.

    This violates the Brown Cafe Terms of Service as it clearly indicates that the creation of a false identity for the purpose of misleading others is forbidden.

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    Again thanks for ALL that you do. I for one, really appreciate this forum, and the quality that you are trying to maintain.

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    Yeah, I can sense from some of the posts I've read that straw characters in some threads are being used. Pretty lame.
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    I have 5 user names , 4 of which are to make fun of another member that IS posting falsified information.
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    Using multiple user names is not a violation, especially if it's an obvious parody [​IMG]

    Creating multiple user names for the express purpose of spreading misleading information is a serious violation. The individuals that are doing it should consider themselves warned. Any further abuse of the TOS will result in permanent suspension. [​IMG]

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    I want names!
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    <u><font size="+2">ELVIS
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    i made the names because everyone was getting annoyed. Of course, we have a idea who the FiredupsWife is, and saintte....opps...he/she/IT is the kind your talking about i
  9. cheryl

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    Actually, saintteamo isn't on the short list of duplicate IP's...
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    Actually, there is no way that saintteamo is firedupswife.

    Just look at the grammar, spelling, punctuation, and content. Fired is coherent, while Saint
    ....... isn't. (trying to be kind here).
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    Thank you for all of your help in keeping these posts at an acceptable level----it is extremely frustrating to read some of the posts that apear to be from Saint--zero.----or whatever other alias's that he/she may have.

    I have reached the point of not continuing with the board if it is allowed to let someone have multiple user id's and allowing them to manipulate their minority viewpoint--warped as it may be--on this board. I am sure that it is frustrating for you to stay within the guidelines and allow this to be prolonged!!!

    Enough is [email protected]@