Using C9 logic, the MINI COOPER is a hunk of Krap and shouldnt have been built!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Jan 17, 2012.

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    The Mini cooper has been recalled to the tune of over 225 thousand cars for guess what??? Yup, bursting into flames! ( cant wait for that to happen!)

    Using the mindset of the C9ers on the volt, I guess the mini cooper shouldnt have been built either.

    Mini Cooper recall: Fire warning as 235k cars recalled over electrical fault fears | Mail Online

    Mini Cooper recall: Fire warning as 235k cars recalled over electrical fault fears | Mail Online

    Whats even funnier, is that FOXED SPEWS reported this story as a recall for a water pump and NOT a fire hazard? Thats wierd, BMW clearly stated FIRE HAZARD! Its not the water pump itself, but the circuitry unit that fails and catches fire.

    GO figure, another 1/4 of a million junk wagons being recalled! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH


  2. av8torntn

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    Are you saying the American government seized BMW and forced them to build the mini only to have nobody buy it also?
  3. pickup

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    TOS : please explain what this "C9" is . I googled it and found nothing relevant. Since you threw me into this group, I would like to know with whom I am sharing a bed. Thanks.
  4. klein

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    I watched the documentary about BMW. Was very interesting.
    They were actually a plane manufacturer before and during WWI (had the best fighter planes in WWI, too).
    But after the war, BMW was no longer allowed to manufacture planes (all of Germany wasn`t).
    They knew they had the best engine technology for it`s time, and the owner asked one of his best technicians to develope a motorbike with a BMW engine.
    He did it, and it was so successful, and ofcourse was used in WWII and Hitler had one.

    After WWII, BMW again, was not permitted to build any longer, until 1948, and had to start up from scratch, no blue prints, and a bomb destroyed factory. They managed to replicate some plans from old existing bikes.
    Shortly after they also went into building cars.
    Buy the early 50`s moterbikes were in such small demand they almost given up production on them. But , with the help of good auto sales, they kept it going, and re-introducing new technology in bikes, and they succeeded having the best bikes in the world, again.

    Ever since then BMW is still a foot step ahead of any motorcycle manufacturer on the planet. Almost everything you see on todays motorbikes, originated from BMW (water cooling, ABS breaking, suspensions, drive shaft, and much more).

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    OMG....YOU'RE one of the C9ers????
    I had no idea.....
  6. moreluck

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    Yes, you are in the presence of greatness....I too, may be one of the founding members of the "C" group.......
  7. pickup

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    I have no idea either.:grouphug:
  8. texan

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    I have sought that answer for weeks. C9???
  9. moreluck

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    C = conservatives and the 9 refers to the 9 or so folks that TOS snaps at and replies nasty to.
  10. moreluck

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    Your accusation about the logic is flawed.
    The C-9 wouldn't automatically think the Mini is a POS. We would look at BMW and the extensive knowlege and experience they have making cars. They will take care of any problems.

    Then we would look at the Government....who have no experience in building cars and no history and would refuse to ride in anything they make.
  11. klein

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    Actually, it was the Crazy-eights (C8's) before, and Tos added one more to make it nine.
  12. moreluck

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    if the 'C' is crazy, then the 'E' is egomaniacal!!
  13. klein

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    I think it started out with the silly 6, then stupid 7,and went on to crazy 8's.
  14. brett636

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    The whole "C9" thing is rather childish, but considering the source I can't say I'm surprised.

    Now as usual TOS is showing off his own ignorance when it comes to cars as well as being very loose on the facts regarding the recall. As far as saying the car shouldn't have been built that couldn't be further from the truth. Unlike the Volt the Mini Cooper has proven it is worthy of the marketplace by continually being a good selling car with stylish looks, go kart like handling, and unmatched resale value. If two people were to buy a Mini and a volt and sell them 5 years from their date of purchase the Mini's resale value will be higher than that of the Volt.

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  15. menotyou

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    I would love to own a nice pastel plaid colored one. Convertible-diesel, please.
  16. moreluck

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    The convertibles came along in '06....they weren't available in '05 when I got mine.
  17. ajblakejr

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    ya'll, I'm a gonna start watchin that there Fox News on a regular basis. Iz watch that Vuto guy 'cause it makes me a feels good...every know and them i seez him makes a slight vocalization error...ya'll can't catch it because ya havta bes like me and him with the MS thingy weez share...he has dare the same stuff (symptoms) I have....

    i hear dat theyz have blonds on that channel spewing stuff that causes dat dare tos person to get all excited about....i ne er new anyone could dare dat say....speak so much about a dang gone tv show...

    whatcha all tink 'bout dat dare idere of mine thare...
  18. trplnkl

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    This is the most obviously weak attempt of baiting I've seen from TOS, he must be slipping. LOL
  19. klein

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    Boils down to this, that most if not all electronic circut boards are made in Japan or elsewhere in Asia.

    Didn't the Ford SUV's just recently had the same problem ?
    If they can make the board a 1/4 of a cent cheaper, they do it !
    Sad that every little half a penny counts in every point of production.
  20. The Other Side

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    You didnt make the cut for the C9, dont sweat it.