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    When I deliver my bags of sure post to the post office these days, it is a mighty glum looking group in there. I can only imagine what their carriers will say when they add half of a collapsed route on their already days load. You know it's going to happen.
  3. gman042

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    yup.....not a happy bunch at the post offices these days.
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    Never done a surepost yet. Do you just walk up to the counter and hand them the bag and have them sign?
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    You have to go around back and wait for one of the employees to receive the packages/bags.
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    And he knows all about "rear door" deliveries.
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    One aspect of this will be the impact, if any, that this will have on our SurePost deliveries. Most of these deliveries within the city that I live in go to the mail processing facility, not the post office; however, this facility is being studied for possible consolidation with a much larger facility in Albany (NY). The main post office is not really set up to receive bulk deliveries. There are also several local post office branches in small towns that are being studied for consolidation with other branches.
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    Not all post offices are the same. The major PO will take their deliveries in the back. We have some very small PO and I may take them to the front or the back depending on how many bags they have coming.