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    And as long at you do I'm voting yes but whatever you vote is ok by me. Just do what YOU want.
  2. DownSouthUPS

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    NO. Vote NO!! Help out the new full time hires!! Four year progression is total BS. And not bring able to file 9.5 in that progression just blows my mind!!
  3. stink219

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    Your 9.5 info is not true!!! Does it say that drivers with less than 4 years of seniority can't sign 9.5? No. They can if covering the same route for the week. And second line says it protects them from being displaced the last 2 days. Read it again. Stop spreading rumors.
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    Reading comprehension is a problem Down South.
  5. UPS Preloader

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    Based upon the language, they don't even have to be covering a route. All that is required is to Bid on a route for a full week.

    Employees within the full-time driver classification shall be eligible for the protection of this Section provided: (1) the employee covers a route for a full week; (2) the employee bids or is assigned to cover a route for a full week but is prevented from completing that bid or assignment due to reassignment by the Employer; or (3) an employee with four (4) years of seniority as a full-time package driver.

  6. DownSouthUPS

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    Newly hired full time cover drivers cannot file 9.5 in the 4 year progression! Read it.
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    Must be even worse up north otherwise you'd understand that the language DOES NOT protect them. I mean how often do unassigned drivers get to stay on the same route all week? Rare! It doesn't take an act of being forced off a route by management to cause it either. Routes get cut. And it should not matter how many years someone has been fulltime to get over 9.5 protection.
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    We may not see eye to eye with this contract. You voted yes, and I voted no. Your a Browns fan, and I'm a Steelers fan. However, I still respect you and would be honored if you were my steward. From what I've been seeing the past 6 months since I joined you never backed down or caved in. I respect that.
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    Your wrong. I would like you to cut and paste that on here. Here is your chance to be the big intelligent man!! Go-ahead! Go on! Get!!!
    You are the reason management walks over people.
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    407 is the tits!!!!
  11. stink219

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    I can't believe how stupid some people are. Cut and paste that language buddy.
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    I Would Also Respect You If You Read The TA And Are Going To Vote On That Bases But If Your Just Voting Because Your BA Is Telling You It's A Good Deal Then You Should Read The TA And Vote no
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    I knew the basics as they were being negotiated. Meaning as they were hammered out. I also know the whole financial situation. Before anyone but a select few on this forum also. I know that what has happened has to happen for the greater good of us all. Some of the things in this TA are not so great but it is a negotiation. hall has 1000 times more experience than any armchair quarterback on this forum. The next time I see him in person I will shake his hand and thank him for his service.
  14. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    Just what I would expect to hear from a me-first OG CHEERLEADER. As long as you're not the one taking the hit, you're all for this.
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    Some people won't understand these things. They are too quick to judge or they think it's 1955 again. And your right about hall. He did yet another great job with negotiations. 4th contract for him.
  16. DownSouthUPS

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    Read 2nd paragraph
  17. stink219

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    Great job proving my point!!
    I've read this 5 times. The words never changed. Did you read 2nd paragraph, second line? Btw, this is the highlight page. But still, once again, where does it say cover driver in progression cannot file?
    So bid drivers qualify. Agreed?
    Cover drivers with 4 years or more of seniority automatically qualify. Do you understand that part at least? Ok.
    People under 4 years (ie drivers in progression) can qualify if they are assigned to cover a route for the week. So if your assigned to a route w a bid driver on comp or if your covering for weekly vacations you will have protection. Do you understand what I just said? If I were a 1 year cover driver, I would ask every Monday,"Who's vacation will I be covering for the week?" Do you follow me?
  18. DownSouthUPS

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    That's not what it says. I have spoken with my steward about this and he explains it as I have! 4 year progression and cannot file 9.5 in that 4 years.
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    The language is always gray as to cause controversy and bickering amongst the Union Members, UPS wants us to squabble more with one another rather than unite together. Their lawyers word these contracts as to do this very thing, divide us to make us weaker. And they've done it again, but maybe not !!!
  20. stink219

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    Your steward can't read either? It says it on the paper. It's in the actual TA. It's in the MOU that your "steward" should have read. Tell your steward to call me. He needs some educating. Read the paper. OUT LOUD!!! Read it to a relative or neighbor. Have them read it!! Dude, be happy you work at UPS. Because you are at the pinnacle of your worth.
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