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    Let's say you will have senority for an extra week this June. They are now taking vacation selections for 2015. You have to pick your extra week after your June senority date correct???
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    That how it works, you can't take the extra week until after the anniversary.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You can choose it now but it has to be taken after your anniversary date.
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    Check your supplement. The Southern states:

    Article 61

    "The employee who attains one hundred and fifty-six (156) reports during the first calendar year shall enjoy a January 1st date of the calendar year they were employed as a vacation anniversary date for accumulating earned vacation. Employees who do not attain one hundred and fifty-six (156) reports during that year will have a January 1st date of the following calendar year as a vacation anniversary."
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    You don't get extra week until following yr. Not enough reports.
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    This is not true. My anniversary date is in April, which will give me 25 years and a 6th week of vacation. I chose all 6 weeks---at least one of them had to be after April.
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    If you start,before May 1st ,It counts for this vacation selection. atleast where I m at It does.
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    Our vacations reset on our seniority date here..
  10. bleedinbrown58

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    You can take it before...but you won't get a vacation check for it till your anniversary least thats how it works by me.
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    That is because you have enough reports between April and December. Probably around 190 reports.
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    I leave on the 31 st of january and don't return on the 12th . That's special.
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    It could be true, it depends on the amount of reports needed to accrue full vacation. I have a Feb anniversary date so I have no problems when I hit the years to get another week. Someone I drive to work has an August anniversary date and doesn't have enough reports when they hit the new week years.

    Since I'm their main transportation in we try to coordinate the vacations for the same week, but it gets bothersome as I pretty much have to wait 2 years til they catch up since they were hired late in the following year from me.