Vacation spots


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What is the favorite vaction spot in your state or out of your state?

Many of us will be planning vacations soon, and who knows better where to go and where to stay when traveling than UPSers who deliver everywhere.


I started this.
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I like San Diego. For families there is a fantastic zoo, Sea World, Balboa Park, the Wild Animal Park, Coronado Island, and several museums. Mexico is 20 minutes away and you can drive to L.A. in 2 hours or Disneyland in 1 1/2...

For adults the gas lamp district downtown has great nightlife and the Old Globe theater is a nice place if you like live theater. There are lots of restaurants and the downtown area is clean and sits right on the water across from Coronado Island so there are some really nice views.

Even though it's only an hour from our house we like San Diego so well that we spent Christmas Eve at the Hotel Del Coronado. I just love that whole area...


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bermuda.. and when I bring my wife we can write off most of the trip (and she'll expense it too).

in the states, vermont/colorado.


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We're on a quest to see the National Parks. Rocky Mountain National Park is just a few minutes away from us here so that's a pretty common trip.

We went to Yellowstone in Wyoming in May one year and unknowingly got there on opening day for the season. Still chilly, snow on the ground, and we had the whole park
just about to ourselves. The workers said that in a few days it would be wall to wall cars so we were very lucky. Saw a moose and a buffalo give birth, it was amazing. Gorgeous country.

Speaking of vacations,
I called a UPS center in New York some time back, looking for some lost packages. The UPSer I talked to said he had just come back from a long vacation "Out West". He told me about all the driving he'd done, the wide open spaces he'd seen and the differences in temperature from what he was used to. And that he probably wouldn't venture that far from home again. I'm thinking the guy maybe went to the Great Lakes or the Dakotas and I asked him where he had been.
"New Jersey."
Thought I'd fall off my chair...


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Newport Coast, Ca. we have timeshare at Marriott. Right location for San Diego, LA: Ocean and for us biking down up the coast on the boardwalks. Lot's to do.


Besides all the obvious ones listed here Minneapolis was one that I surprisingly enjoyed more then I thought I would . They have a nice downtown area. We caught one of the basketball playoff games there against the lakers 3 or 4 years ago. They have the biggest mall in the world. Indian reservations with casino gambling. And of course the 11,000 plus lakes for all the outdoorsey types.


Manitoulin island sits in lake Huron just off Ontario Canada .Michigan is on the other side.It is a jewel if you like camping or cottaging.Its the largest fresh water island in the world.Its unique in a lot of ways,the rocks,the trees,the longest fresh water (white)sand beach in the world as well.Great place to get back to the way things must`ve been 200 years ago.Great views of the northern lights at night,no snakes!(so they say) I`ve been there about 20 times and its a 7 hour drive,from Toronto.


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over9five......I guess it's true what they say about either love them or hate them. You sound like you really love them. I really hate them. There is no in between. (No tweeners)


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My home state, WI, is nice. Just ask the people from IL. Tieguy, when you were in MN I hope you stopped in at the SPAM museum. We're doing a split vacation this summer. I'm taking my son to NYC and Mom and the girls are going to TN to see Graceland and Nashville.


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Oh yea Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. That says it all. :cool: I just found it so funny when you see all of the stripper baseball like cards on the sidewalk. My cousin started collecting them like baseball cards. Oh yea Yellowstone beleve it or not kicks ass too.


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How can people eat that crap. My father-in-law puts it in shishkabobs on the grill. I do like staying on the grounds at Disney World. (Port Orleans, Dixie Landings, Pop Century). I can take the bus back to the room after a couple 32oz Becks at Germany in EPCOT.


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Since I delivered Yellowstone Nalt Park for several summers
that would have to be my Favorite place. 350 miles
and a hour 12 hr day. It sure beat working for a living.
My favorite Elk is number 10. Beware he will charge you and
your car. To see him go to Mammoth the middle of September
and have your tennis shoes on. This beautiful 7 point will have
an ear tag ( number 10)


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How can people eat that crap. My father-in-law puts it in shishkabobs on the grill. I do like staying on the grounds at Disney World. (Port Orleans, Dixie Landings, Pop Century). I can take the bus back to the room after a couple 32oz Becks at Germany in EPCOT.
I'm a Boardwalk/Beach Club snob so I stumble back to mine. Love the food in Germany. Giddy Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!