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  1. I'm with local 693 in upstate New York and I have a question nobody seems to have the answer to.

    I was out last year with a shoulder injury and had short term disability.
    I needed to work 130 days in 2014 to quailfy for full vacation time for 2015. I worked 110 days
    and if you count my paid vacation time, holidays, and sick/personal pay and the 30 days they give you. for illness. I well exceed 130.
    But if they are not included, I dont hit 130.

    Im out again this year due to surgey on the same shoulder. I went our right after Christmas. So I cant check my pay stub. But I plan on being back in April.

    My contract's language does seem to favor the days counting. But dont know for sure. It
    states, " an employee must work at least one day in the next calendar year to qualify for vacation, except retirement purposes only; and all time paid for, plus any absence up to 30 days of illness, shall be counted toward computing the qualifying time required.

    any suggestions would be helpful. thanks in advance.
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    Yes all paid holiday and vacation days paid count towards your days worked. Here in the southern we have to work 156 days.
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    You can check your paystub on upsers.
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    You need to get your local involved. Write down when you were off the first time and also have your entitlements printed out for you by your center manager(for 2014 and 2015). Write down how long your off for this surgery as well. Go to your locals union membership meeting and kill two birds with one stone. Keep a journal of what is said, who knows maybe you can help the next guy.
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    I don't have contract on hand, but at least in my area, and I'd assume it's similar everywhere else, if you don't accumulate enough reports for full vacation you still get some of it based on reports. I'd also assume paid time such as vacation/optional days/sick days count towards it as they are paid time and they qualify for the insurance requirements, but I don't have firsthand knowledge so it'd be best to contact your local. Don't just leave a message either, keep contacting them daily until they give you an answer.