valentines day delivery

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  1. Red Dawn

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    was out from 7am till 9pm sat. delivering v-day gifts. Just another example of mg spending a dollar to save a dime. Only asked for pt drivers to come in and help with Saturday opp. Mg had heads up for the past two weeks that they where expecting this to be a very heavy day. And only reinforced as the day grew closer. We were so heavy they had to send a chaser plane to handle what didn't fit on our regular sat. plane. request to bring us in early to look up and set up stops was denied. said it would be alright, we have till end of day to deliver. got message for everyone to stop delivering and head back in. didn't want anyone on road over 14hr. i was able to complete all my stops.was only able to take out 2 of my zip codes out of 4.They blew out a 5700 truck with undelivered v-day gifts and flowers!! So much for service! I guess that's what you get for promoting someone from ie to become a center manger that never drove. except when they gave him a road test.He couldn't drive a stick!lol seen him coming back from lunch that day!lol
  2. backinbrown

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    in our center they only had two guys work they got done around 9p.m. also
  3. scratch

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    Thats a shame ya'll had such poor planning. They put up a signup sheet for full time drivers to work Saturday, they starting asking us in the middle of the week. It was expected to be a heavy day with all the flowers. I thought about going in, eight hours of easy overtime is tempting.
  4. Red Dawn

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    we run about 55 on sat...we had about 80 this sat. I heard that we had around 4,000 when we usually run around 1,500. did they have to bring anything back?
  5. Red Dawn

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    had sheets out, no one would sign them because then they couldn't get 6th only wanted part time drivers, no full time drivers! they told all part timers that it was mandatory they come in. threaten to use displinary action for anyone who tried to us opp. 3.
  6. backinbrown

    backinbrown respect my authority

    i think they got them done
  7. Bad Gas!

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    At P' Dale, they won't ask full time drivers to work Saturdays unless they had a day off during the week...I believe thisis wrong and Sat. should be an 6th day option by seniority...
  8. backinbrown

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    i believe in my center that if there is saturday work not air actual del then full time drivers by senoirity get first choice to work.

    if senior driver is not asked then it is grieved and senior driver in bldg gets paid
  9. brownrodster

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    They brought FT drivers in seniority order to work yesturday. I was called in last minute to help. Of course we had more than double the packages they expected. IIRC there were 8 drivers working on saturday when there are normally 4.
  10. dilligaf

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    It sounds like your drivers want to work on sat Back. Here mgt couldn't get a senior driver to work on sat even if they were paid triple time. Mgt usually ends up forcing work from the bottom up. As for us we weren't asked to work sat at all. Must not have been to heavy. LOL
  11. sexyupsman

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    My driver left the house around 7:30am and got home around 5pm. He said (most) everyone was pissy when he delivered the packages. Why in the world would people be angry to get flowers? It really sucks that any of you should have to deliver on Saturday. It ruins the whole weekend deal. The only reason why he did was because there were no volunteers and he was sick on Monday. Thats ok he got home I made him a great dinner and we rented a movie. Great night it was. :peaceful:
  12. badpal

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    Are you saying your center usually deliver 1500 sat air stops on sat thats incredible. it was heavier than norm here but not as heavy as mothers day.
  13. Service Failure

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    Damn 1500 normal. We had 1300 here in SF for Vday and that's our busiest. We run about 30 drivers for 1300 and around 20 for a normal saturday thats around half of that. You guys actually have real work haha.
  14. Hangingon

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    Same here. No one is allowed to work Saturday unless they had an unpaid day off during the week. It's been grieved and the union has said there is nothing they can do.
  15. outamyway

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    Hmm, we left the building at 9:10. Almost all our EAM's were already late when we left. You'd think with the tremendous increase in volume that day, they would have had a much earlier start time. Nope, everyone started at the same time as every other Saturday.

    We sacrificed thousands of dollars worth of EAM shipping for packages with no commit times.

    I'm sure our abuse of the request late list, saved quite a few....
  16. outamyway

    outamyway New Member

    That sounds like our paid holiday work days here. I've never worked one of those days that wasn't a complete mess.
  17. Red Dawn

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    yea i will find out tomorrow how many eam lates we had. I'm sure very few were made on time. most drivers didn't start leaving building till after 830am with most comits are 9am. We tried to come in early...but you know if its not their idea than its a bad one. I also know i had about 25 regular sat that were late. only talk to a couple of drivers and they also had 8-10 lates.
  18. Red Dawn

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    well our lates and not even attempted delivers were so bad management doesn't even want to talk about it!! Will not even give a ball park figure!! and they are getting ride of 20 eam/hub 22.3 drivers...we got all of our delivers off!! and had to bail out part timers! I guess that's what we get when ie runs the company.

    ps. my flowers that i had order from pro-flower once again got shipped fedex. And third holiday(2v-day 1mothers day) every time was deliver by 11am by fedex.