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    Alright I have already been through the tour and HR interview but now I have a second interview friday with the shift lead I guess. The HR guy told me to fill out the rest of my application online before friday but I checked my application from the manage my application link online on the ups jobs site and it says complete. I don't see any other applications or forms to fill out besides the initial one I have already completed. I don't know how to handle this is there supposed to be another form to fill out? I don't want to irritate the HR guy anymore so I might wait until I see him friday to bring up the issue.
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    If when you login everything says "complete" then you should be good to go.
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    Then you need to join union and vote no on this sorry contract!
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    Much the same as with the dividend on UPS (or any) stock, you have to be a union member (shareholder) as of a certain cut-off date in order to be eligible to vote on the contract (receive the dividend).
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    What the heck is with the pile of bumped old threads today?
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    could BC be for bad contract?